Monday, November 9, 2015

A Moment With Paris Hilton & Her Anniversary Edition For Women Fragrance

Paris Hilton and Malaysia Top 10 Female blogger

It was a pleasure to meet fashion icon Paris Hilton in person. It was definitely an eye opener, she's actually pretty smart. I was mainly intrigued by the way she handles herself as well as by the way she markets herself and her brand. It was an inspiring moment to see how she made a name for herself and how she keeps her life balanced in the midst of her hectic lifestyle. 

Paris Hilton Limited Anniversary Edition for Women fragrance

The interview was mainly to celebrate her milestone unveiling Paris Hilton Limited Anniversary Edition for Women fragrance line's 10 year anniversary. The fragrance embodies Hilton's original essence with an intensified, more concentrated version of her signature scent, Paris Hilton for Women, which continues to be a favourite and best seller around the world. 

Check out the interview session with her...

Paris Hilton

Why do you keep creating perfumes? 
When I was a little girl, I always go to my mother's vanity and find all kinds of perfume there. So I told myself that one day, I'm going to have my own perfume. It's interesting how it bloomed as I've just released my 19th fragrance in US, which will be out in Malaysia soon and three more coming soon.

What inspires you to create the Paris Hilton Limited Anniversary Edition for Women fragrance?
I want something like an art and this is very bling, very sparkly, very me. It's really inspired by my life. Also, it has to be something that people will love and want to carry it in their bags and spray it on whenever, wherever. If I was a perfume bottle, it will be this!

How did you become who you are now? 
I thought I was going to be a vet when I was younger but opportunity with Donald Trump modelling agency came about and that's where I started doing runway shows, campaigns and etc. From there, I just grow up and became a business woman and starting all my fashion, fragrance and clothing line for the little ones too.

Are you going to continue to be a DJ?
I love DJ-ing. I get to travel around the world, see my fans, meet and greets, and do my business woman stuff during the day, and then at night I get to DJ at the biggest festivals at that area. So it's great that I get to make the most out of my time during my trips. I love entertaining people, being on stage and feeling the energy from thousands of people, smiling, dancing and having a good time. It's like being a rockstar! It's so much fun.

What defines a woman? 
I think the most important thing is being confident and believe in yourself. Work hard, be a good person, and you do what you love. I've worked so hard in building my empire and I'm very proud of it. It's all about being yourself, really.

What scares you?
I'm not really scared of anything. I'm quite a daredevil and I do actually love living my life. I'm an adult now and I'm currently in the best relationship in my life, and in the best place in my life. I'm just really happy right now.

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