Sunday, October 4, 2015

Miss Hana Eyeliner in Choco Brown [Review]

This eyeliner was once raved by many beauty bloggers and at the same time, I had friends telling me that it's not as great as claimed. Thus, when they emailed me to try this out, I went meh... However, I've been really into matte brown liners lately because it oozes a more natural look than black. During the summer, I've been rocking really natural, minimal makeup all season. Not like Malaysia goes through four seasons but I just wanted to be somewhat in trend. Plus, since the beginning of 2015, all brands seem to be moving towards the whole dewy face Korean look. It focuses more on the skin texture and very basic eye looks. Thus, the whole brown eyeliner phase. 

It claims to be gel. I don't know how is it gel at all. If anything, it's very much a kohl to me. It's pencil and takes a little bit more effort to glide on. If you are looking for perfect, this doesn't give you that perfect liner look, please use a liquid liner for that effect. With most pencil liners, they perform at its peak when we are looking to achieve smokey-ish or natural look. I guess the best part about pencil liner is that it smokes out beautifully when you buff them gently with a blending brush.

Longevity wise, surprisingly, I really do like it. It's one of the very few pencil liners that actually last on my lids without smudging all over my under eyes. I don't know if it's waterproof or not but I can say that it withstand my sweat. Though, I wouldn't say that they look exactly like how it's when it's fresh but it's really not too bad, I'm just glad that it doesn't go all over the place at the end of the day.

This colour is perfect for everyday neutral look. I would also give it a thumbs up for its darkness, so I won't need to be crazy with layering over and over again to get an intense colour. They also have night black (matte black), Galacy black, and golden brown (with shimmer).

I think my only issue with this will be the fact that I have to constantly sharpen it. It's such a dreading task. It goes blunt almost after every one makeup session. Sometimes I'm really ready to use this liner but when I open the cap, I stared and think twice. Many times, I just put back because I'm rushing and lazy to sharpen it.

Personally, it's not the best liner but it's so far one of the best pencil liner I've ever used. Additionally, I do love the colour. I think for the price, especially with the current promotion on Rakuten, RM19.90 is quite worth it as it might just last you for at least a good 6 months with heavy usage. It's definitely one of my top picks for an everyday natural eyeliner.

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