Monday, October 26, 2015

Frank Salon Ep.5: When Grey Actually Matters...

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If you have been following me on Instagram, you would probably know that this post is totally overdue. Though, I still want to give this hair colour a shoutout because it definitely, yet surprisingly made me look so much younger. Funny how things work out right, it's grey and famously known as the granny hair trend but totally turned out a direct opposite for me. I looked freaking Asian (in a pretty way) and it somewhat took 5 years off me. Not that I'm complaining, I actually kinda miss this hair, mainly it's also easier to maintain. 

I have had purple hair, blonde, purple again, and back to blonde for almost a year now. It was fun but with blonde hair comes more responsibilities of maintenance and I'm the worst at nurturing my hair. As mentioned many times in my blog, messy hair is my staple look. I'll go Serena Van Der Woodsen high school look any day. 

Being a blondie, I'm not the biggest fan when it comes to combing my hair as it gets tangles and frizz up once you get them untangled. Lols. Amazing right. Of course, then comes the hair oil and blah blah blah... Also, with bleached blonde hair, it's harder to get them looking shiny and healthy. Plus, my hair falls and breaks a lot. Thus, after I had my good, fun times being a blonde - seriously, it's fun being a blonde cause everyone thinks you're a bimbo with a resting bitch face, nobody dares to approach you, especially sales people in malls. Hallelujah! - I've decided to give my hair a rest and go with a colour that makes my hair look healthier and doesn't require bleaching. 

Thus, my stylist went with a grey theme, that is rather trendy at the moment but without making me look like a total granny. He mixed a couple of other colours in it to ensure that it somewhat grey with a little brown/gold undertone. It's beautiful. Plus, he just used the mix to colour my original dark brown roots to lighten them without damaging it too much. 

Hair treatment

As always, treatment is a must after every colour process. He also did some basic trimming, keeping my hair with a classic yet easy to maintain look. I'm grateful as truly, this hair colour and style totally keep my hair sane for a good two months before I recently dyed it red/rose gold. It keep it from breaking so much and totally feels so much healthier and easy to match with anything in my closet.

I think this is great for people who's interested to try grey but afraid of looking like a totally grandma. My stylist always believe that in order to make it look natural, one tone is definitely not the way to go. Colour mixing is crucial.

Hair makeover

I absolutely adore my stylist. You should totally check them out at Frank Salon's Facebook page! They are located in Bangsar South by the way, a place that's convenient to find parking. Thank God!


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