Monday, October 12, 2015

Breena Face Luxe Brush: Supporting Local Products! [Review]

I was sent this a couple of months ago and it totally changed my blushing game. Well, I'm exaggerating for sure but I really have only good things to say about this brush! It's soft, it's dense, it's Muslim friendly, it's cruelty free, and most importantly it's a local product!

For a start, I'm all about supporting local products, especially if they are great stuff. Breena Beauty was founded in 2013 by one of my fellow beauty blogger, Sabrina Tajudin who have a passion towards beauty products. Her mission is to make Breena Beauty the leading Muslim friendly and Cruelty Free company in the world. Additionally, making high quality products with beautiful packaging.

Before anything, you'll need to know that Face Luxe Brush was made for powder or liquid foundation that helps to give a soft focus airbrush finish to the skin. It's synthetic brush with no animal hair on it's amazing, thick and dense, soft brush. Truly, it's super soft!

However, I'm not quite comfortable using this as a liquid foundation brush. Even for powder, I feel it's a little to dense for my usual powder application. However, I absolutely love this as my blusher brush! Partially because I'm fair and usually quite heavy handed with my blushes, thus with this, it picks up a lot of product with just one simple swirl and applies on smoothly and quickly due to it's big brush surface. It cuts down the amount of time I spend on my blush routine when I'm using this brush.

Even though the handle is thick, it's really light. Perfect for travelling. Plus, it looks amazing with its Rose Gold ferrule, engraved gold Breena and brush name on a white wood handle. 

Price: RM45.00 (currently sold out)

They do have 2 recent launches, the Brow Definer and Basic Eyeshadow brush. It's RM25.00 each.

For more information, visit Breena Beauty's website.


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