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Deep Layer - 5 Step System Treatment For High Damage Hair [Review]

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I think a lot of you might know that I'm quite crazy with my hair. I'm blessed to have the opportunity to change my hairstyles as often as I want. Even though, I'm a beauty blogger, in reality, I'm still a typical lazy girl when it comes to maintaining my hair. At most, my responsibility towards my hair is to keep it clean, not smell, and try to give it nutrient with mask, conditioner, and oils. I said try. 

MoltoBene invited me to try their latest in salon use and home care Deep Layer System Treatment to bring life back to my hair, internally and externally. The results were absolutely delightful. I felt like flipping my beautiful hair all day long, and I can get away with that because I'm a girl.

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With my crazy coloured hair, it caused high damage and in order to restore the damaged hair, I will need something that helps to repair from inside out. The main idea of this Deep Layer 5 Step System Treatment is to give superb moisture to your hair, mending inner and outer component of your hair along with water-repellent coat on the surface of your hair to reduce frizziness and keeping them strong. 

The two main ingredients in this treatment are: 
  1. Kerataide - penetrate into the hair to fill in holes and repair the inner part of the hair. 
  2. Hyaluronic Acid Fluorine - it gives the water-repellent coating and moisturise the surface of the hair. MoltoBene use this ingredient instead of Silicon because silicon can sometimes presents itself in a rather artificial feeling to the hair while fluorine will provide a more natural smooth and soft touch feeling. 

Steps for this treatment:
Deep Layer - 5 Step System Treatment

Before I get into the smell of the product, you'll need to know that MoltoBene is from Japan. The two other things that they care about in their product are the packaging (which is always either super minimal or adorable), and the scent. So have high expectations because it's about to smell elegant! Deep Layer treatment products contains Magnolia, White floral notes, and a blend of serene musk. It's definitely a beautiful scent that helps calm your soul during this pampering session. 

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Before and After

I just want to laugh at myself every single time I see a before and after picture of my hair when I have it done. Truly, I'm possibly the queen of not combing your hair. Dear lord, I don't even know how my hairstylist put up with me. 

My hair feels really, really light after the treatment. It's great and it does feel amazing and soft and smooth like I'm ready for a hair commercial. However, I was advice to have it done a few more times because my hair is truly beyond damage. It needs much, much more TLC. One time treatment won't do much good, which I totally agree because I realised that the next time I wash my hair after the treatment, it felt as if I did nothing to my hair. It's really due to too much bleaching and colouring, so it's highly recommended to seek consultation from the stylist, to check on how damage is your hair and to see how many times you'll need to return to the salon to get professional help. 

I really do feel this Deep Layer - 5 Step System Treatment works, it's just that for those with extremely damaged hair like mine, you'll need to go back to the salon a few times along with the Product H, the Homecare Extra Heavy Moisture Treatment System cream to tame those bad hair away. I personally love the homecare product, it's super thick that really helps replenish that moisture my hair needs. Plus, it's amazing at keep my frizz at bay and delivering amazing scent throughout the day!

Deep Layer - 5 Step System Treatment is available at:
76Style Mont Kiara 
IMP Hair Studio

Pricing ranges according to salon but from what I know so far, it may come up to RM228 per session. Thus, please call individual salons to check on the pricing.

For more information, visit MoltoBene Facebook page.


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