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Cellnique Reversal 24 Therapy Treatment [Review]

Three years ago, I was sitting on the same white chair, talking about my skin condition to another lady from Cellnique boutique in Bandar Botanic Klang. I took a journey down memory lane, just to remind myself how did I felt about my previous treatment by them. Goodness, my review kinda sucked back then. However, one thing I remembered was that I actually paid to go back there for a few more sessions and this can only mean that I actually did like the way they handled my face. Otherwise, I wouldn't have forked money to buy their products and return for another facial session. 

Two months ago, I rekindled my joy of being in this place, reminding myself why I actually did and actually still do like getting my facial from Cellnique Bandar Botanic Klang branch. It is, to my opinion, one of the very few great places in Klang to get your monthly facial done because the therapist are really good at what they do. 

I said it before and will say it again, it's one of the tougher beauty salons to locate but if you are a klang chic (or male), you should kinda know roughly where is this place. The area does look a little bit doggy (but not as bad as three years ago when the ground floor shop was a car workshop), but ample of free parking area! If you read my previous review (Click Here), I've even posted a picture of a map and dot the exact location. As you can see, the salon is not the second floor, usually the therapist will come down to usher you up the reception area and I think I've mentioned before that the second floor makes you feel like you are in a total different place, and it still does. 

Reception area

About Cellnique Reversal 24 Therapy Treatment

Now let's get down to the actual review of the treatment that I tried. This round, it's an anti-ageing treatment. Accepting the fact that I'm already 25 this year, so might as well start telling my skin to firm up and stay that way. This new therapy engages three highly innovative technologies to fight with the signs of ageing. It's meant to reduce wrinkles, improve elasticity, and increase firmness. Resulting with a plumper, smoother, toned, and brighter looking skin.  

3 Unique Selling Point Technologies:
  1. Hema'Tite - collagen booster
  2. PhytoCellTec Argan - increase firmness and elasticity
  3. Argireline Peptide - improve lines and wrinkles
Who should not do this treatment?
Getting this out of the way first, acne and oily skin people are not recommended for this treatment. However, I still do highly suggest trying this beauty salon if you are living in Klang and looking for a good therapist to help with your skin problems. Personally, I might go back monthly to deal with my clogged pores when I'm done with my other package in another salon since my work is Klang-based, it will be much more convenient for me instead of going all the way to PJ. 

Reversal 24 Therapy General Procedure

  1. Cleanse - Vital Repair Cleansing Milk (Awesome stuff) followed by Gentle Foaming Cleanser
  2. Tone - Soothing and Hydrating Lotion
  3. Masque 1 - Advanced Bio Renewal Masque
  4. Tone
  5. Extraction
  6. *Concentrate + Ultrasound - Precision Lift and Firm Concentrate
  7. *Serum - Precision Lift and Firm Serum
  8. *Masque 2 - Precision Lineless Essence Masque
  9. Face Massage (Freaking Awesome)
  10. Tone
  11. *Masque 3 - Precision Lift and Firm Black Cream Masque + Medi Oil
  12. Shoulder Massage (Freaking Awesome x2)
  13. Tone
  14. Ends with Moisturiser and Sunscreen

Note: the ones marked with (*) are products only available from the Reversal 24 Therapy Treatment. 

If you are wondering why in the world did they tone so frequently, it's because they use it as a way to ensure all residue of masque are removed before moving to the next step. Also, their toner are very gentle and soothing, thus, I find it very relaxing and don't mind the abundant toning session.

Before and After

Lols, it's by far my worst before and after picture ever because I didn't intend to collage one. Sorry for that but overall, my skin is naturally fair (as most of you already know) and the problem with that is the obvious red patches and extreme dryness. The red patches are usually obvious around the bottom and side areas of my nose and dryness will be on my cheeks and undereyes. Also, I find my skin texture can be a bit rough due to the clogged pores. Yes, stop judging, I do have clogged pores too. You just got to get close enough to see them but please don't do that when you see me in person. #Insecurities

It doesn't do them enough justice for me to say that I absolutely love how my skin feels after the treatment. My skin felt truly cleansed and hydrated! Clearly, the therapist did an amazing job at extraction and removing my dead skin cells that have been piling up due to the horrible environment we are currently living in now. The air is just... bad. You'll know that your skin is happy when it feels smooth upon touching. It was absolutely lovely of them to ensure my skin is fully moisturised and properly hydrated. They are pretty generous when it comes to using their products on you. I can see that my redness reduced immediately and omgosh, it's just sooooo smooth. I can't help it. I was completely happy. When it comes to lines, well, it will naturally look reduced when you skin is properly hydrated. It just looks plumper and super fresh! I love it!

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Note: No, I'm not getting any commission out of this and this voucher is only applicable for Reversal 24 Therapy Treatment.  

Details of the centre that I went:
Kimedic Face and Body Spa
Jalan Remia 2, Bandar Botanic, Klang.

For more information, visit Cellnique's official website or Facebook page.


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