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A Beauty Day Out With Beauty Guide & The Butterfly Project

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As a lady, I personally do believe in having a day off just to pamper yourself. Although I prefer to spoil myself alone because it's my way of temporarily pulling away from the extroverted side of me to recharge, I do like spending girly moments like this with a few of my best girl friends. It helps you to reconnect and strengthen that sisterhood bond. Keep your girls close because trust me, you'll need your girl friends around someday.

Beauty Guide

As a blogger, well okay, I had my beauty day out with Beauty Guide and a beautiful bunch of beauty bloggers from The Butterfly Project. We exercised, cleared bushes, full body massage, amazing food, and beautified our toe nails! Oh yes, we had a productive day. 

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About Beauty Guide
I guess you should first know that this Beauty Day Out was organised by the people from Beauty Guide Malaysia in collaboration with The Butterfly Project. Beauty Guide is an online beauty and wellness platform that enables users to locate the best spas, massages, fitness, facial, hair and nail outlets nationwide. They also provide reviews in real-time from real clients giving their opinions for services they have received in salons and spas across KL and Malaysia. Additionally, the Beauty Guide's Beauty Blog features current trends in the world of beauty to users. 

Strip: Ministry Of Waxing

We gathered at Bangsar Village before taking a lovely morning breeze walk (exercise) over to Strip: Ministry Of Waxing in Bangsar to get some unwanted hair out of the way first. Well, nothing much really, we could either choose to have an underarm wax or arm wax. I think my underarms was pretty much clear because I own a trusty Panasonic Epilator at home because I don't have a waxing parlour near my work place and underarms and my legs are the ones that I do hair removal often, thus, it's just easier for me to have something that I can DIY myself at home on a regular basis. 

However, if you are looking for a place to do Brazilian waxing, then yes, please please please, get professionals to help you with this because it's a delicate area and there are parts that you need help to fully get it hair-free. In fact, my first ever Brazilian was at STRIP (Read my STRIP review here) and it was actually a pleasant experience, they didn't make you feel weird, they try their best to make you feel comfortable and relax, even though it can be rather painful especially the very first time. 

That day was also a first for me because I had no choice but to get my arms waxed. Never have I thought the day would come when my arms felt so naked and bald! It's the most hilarious shit ever! I was astound by my hairless arms that I could keep my own hands away from the other arm! It was definitely an interesting experience and kinda fun having smooth arms for the very first time. 

More info: STRIP's website

After that, we had Uber taking us to Sunway for a therapeutic massage in the woods! Well, kinda in the woods but it was definitely very serene. To get there, it's actually quite a long, long walk. So don't be ridiculous like me, wearing heels for your beauty day out because after the massage, your feet will get a little slippery, I ended up taking them off and walk bare-footed out the place. 

Mandara Spa
Mandara Spa
Mandara Spa

The therapist will bring you a set of oils for you to pick by trying them out on your wrist or at the back of your hands because each oil serves different purposes, some helps to soothe, some to relax, and some to recharge. So pick your oils wisely. Mandara Spa is one of the best spas in Klang Valley, thus, you can expect their oils are special and different from most massage parlour. The lower ends massage parlour will commonly use a simple massage oil with lavender or lemongrass scent. It usually don't do much for your mind other than calming your soul. Then again, it's boils down to your breathing, I highly suggest everyone to take deep, long breathes when you are getting your massage to truly help you to relax. 

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Then, there comes the feasting part! We were treated to a wonderful lunch session at WIP Bangsar Shopping Centre. Oh my goodness, the food was absolutely amazing and this is a non-foodie talking. Seriously, it's classy, unique, and delicious! Okay, fine, it's Bangsar, it has to be classy, and it's in Bangsar Shopping Centre, one mall with an expensive parking fee, it better be heavenly. 

About WIP

Previously known as Work In Progress, WIP is now known as Whipped Into Place, a popular hang out spot in the upmarket neighbourhood of Bangsar. The outlet offers an elegant, casual ambience with an urban-tropic garden design feel. The interior design beckons natural lighting and is accented with several unique custom crafted features such as the clam shaped island bar, firefly pendant lights, palm tree trunks, etched bird mirrors and alfresco garden. 

The house specialty is the Espetada which originates from Portugal and features skewers of meat and seafood grilled to perfection and served at your table on a special stand. Also, do try out some of their signature cocktails such as mojitos and martinis. 

More info: WIP Facebook page

malaysia top 10 female blogger
WIP Bangsar Shopping Centre
Bacalhau De Abras (Starter) - top left

WIP Bangsar Shopping Centre
Beef Espatada (Main) - Top and bottom right
Rocky Road Brownie with Haagen Dazs Ice Cream (Dessert) - Bottom left

Amongst the ones I've tried, I suggest to try these few: 
  1. Bacalhau De Abras (Starter) - Creamy Portuguese salt cod fish with sweet potato chips
  2. Beef Espatada (Main) - Sirlion chunks marinated with garlic and traditional herbs. It comes with side of grilled vegetables and couscous
  3. XO Fried Rice (Main) - Supreme dried seafood, crabmeat, kale, mango sauce and crispy fish skewer. This is due to the Chinese side of me, there's no alcohol in it but I believe I was sold when it tasted like belacan and dried prawns. Plus the mango sauce totally ties the entire dish together. 
  4. Rocky Road Brownie with Haagen Dazs Ice Cream (Dessert). No, it's not because of the branded ice cream, their brownies is delish!

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After a happy meal, the final round of the beauty day out is to beautify something. We had our feet pampered! Mani-pedi is so girly, thanks to the stereotypical portrayal by the media industry, a beauty day out won't be the same without getting one part of your nails painted. We had them done at Apronbay Bangsar and they are actually a brow, wax, and nails destination based on the concept of air travel. It's a really cozy area and hey, if you don't want to go to different places, you can stay here longer to get everything done. Well, except the food and the massage part. They owner is super friendly, though, parking in that are can a bit of a hassle. 

Apronbay Bangsar

It was a fun day hanging with my blogger girl friends. It was one of those rare moments I get to have an entire day catching up with some of them since I started my postgrad classes. I'm glad to have blocked my schedule off for this Beauty Day Out. Thank you Beauty Guide Malaysia and The Butterfly Project for organising such fun event!


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