Friday, August 21, 2015

Hydra Quench by Clinic MF [Review]

It was quite an experience I have to say... 

Dehydration happens. Especially people with dry skin like me, it's easier to spot fine lines, dryness and dullness thanks to stress, sun exposure and even from the constant makeup application. All these will ultimately lead you looking older than your actual age. Of course, nobody wants this.

According to expert, to maintain youthful skin, we only need to to care for two elements - cells and water. The procedure for Hydra Quench targets the maintenance of water and cells in our skin by pumping in pure Hyaluronic Acid (HA). Note that this is not the filler type but it's a substance that are naturally present in the human body since we were babies. In fact, 30% of HA can be found in human skin.

Our skin finds a way to hold water and HA, a carrier, does exactly that. However, one thing that I don't know is that the actual main function of HA is to protect our skin from UV. Additionally, HA also provides vitamins and minerals, it's all for the benefit of the cell. If HA is sufficient, our skin will be healthier in general.

Supplementing to what our skin already have, Hydra Quench smoothens skin, refine pores and provides a natural glow to our skin. After two week, I see a slight result in hydration but more obvious improvement in smoother skin and glow. It didn't really help much in my minor wrinkle problems such as crow's feet at the corner of my eyes but I was told even before the treatment that it will take a few sessions to fully deal with that issue.

With smoother skin and a natural glow, it's easier when it comes to applying makeup because the canvas is smooth. Foundation definitely looks nicer on skin. It's also interesting to see that my daily skincare works better because it absorbs better. Also, probably drinking loads of water after the procedure helps as water stores better in my skin after enhancing with HA.

Dos and Don'ts after Hydra Quench Treatment by Clinic MF:
  1. Do drink loads of water (till you go toilet almost every 2 hours)
  2. Don't go for regular facial for at least a week. 
  3. Don't use any whitening or lightening skincare products for at least 3 days. 
  4. Do expect certain socket-looking bumps on the skin. Mine was under the eyes but it goes away in a day or two. Depending on individuals, some don't encounter it at all. 

This is an advertorial but opinion remains my own. This treatment was done back in January 2015. 

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Isabel said...

LOL I will not appreciate the sudden needles!