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GOOD VIBRATIONS - Pobling Mini Ion Applicator [Review]

Sometimes, hands are not enough, we need vibrations... Oh... what a weird way to start a blogpost. LOLS! Keep your thoughts clean people! Though, I kid you not. When it comes to beauty, we'll always want more and thanks to the advancement of technology, we no longer just relying on skincare products, beauty gadgets are gaining popularity among beauty junkies. Anything that claims to be of help to enhance our skin condition, we'll try.

The science behind vibration...

It might sound zany but apparently there are some serious science behind the idea of vibrations being good for the skin. In the 1960s, Russians discovered that vibration training cause muscles to contract 30 to 50 times per second. Contraction helps to increase blood circulation, transporting oxygen and nutrients throughout the body, which helps with anti-ageing as it's a workout that can boost the production of human growth hormone. In layman's term, it has the potential to rejuvenate our skin, just like how we feel after a good workout session, we feel supercharged! It's the same concept!

It's also found that vibration can contribute to long term anti-ageing by preparing the skin to absorb topically applied lotions and potions because anything that warms up the skin and gets the blood closer to the surface will enable molecules in serums and moisturisers to penetrate more effectively. Interesting, isn't it?!


Science class aside, not sure if you noticed it but have been promoting the Pobling Mini Ion Applicator and I've received one to try for myself too. Excited? Can't deny it but I wasn't really sure about its effectiveness. P/s: my friend say it looks like a pregnancy kit... XD

Pobling Mini Ion Applicator

A brief introduction on the Pobling Mini Ion Applicator. It uses galvanic ion with vibration to help increase skincare absorption. It requires 1xAAA battery, automatic operation by touching, and only 5 minutes a day. Comes in 2 colours, pink and grey.

How it works?

The ions works based on the basic laws of electricity. "Like repels while opposite attracts". The positive and negative ions pull together like a magnet and pushes the product into the skin's dermis layer, leading to deeper penetration. Along with the vibration, it helps to promote blood and lymph circulation and at the same time, the massages carries excessive fluids away, contributing to skin's firming and rejuvenation. 

Pobling Mini Ion Applicator
Pobling Mini Ion Applicator

How to use?

Clean the front-head surface with a toner or wet wipes. Apply skincare product of your choice evenly on your face as usual, I usually prefer to use a serum because it's the most potent skincare product that I want it penetrating into my skin. Touch the front-head surface on your skin and it should automatically vibrates. Massage from inside out as shown picture below and clean the head before storing away.  

face massage technique
Face Massage Demo

My personal view

I personally do believe the science behind the vibration because it's basically a workout for your face. It's good to shake the cells up once in a while to keep them active to ensure a firmer and more rejuvenated looking skin. Thus, I believe this product can help in a long run if you don't want to spend so much money on machine facials in salon. Plus, the level of vibration of this product is pretty okay, I think many can definitely tolerate it or even find it rather soothing in fact. It's also a really convenient and lightweight little tool, easy to pack it for travelling too. 

However, I'm not sure if my applicator is faulty or it's meant to be because the head requires a little more force to vibrate instead of a touch. It's not advisable to put so much force on certain area of the face such as the under eye area. Thus, I'll usually use the other hand to gently pull the tip of the head back so it vibrates and glide it gently on my face. Additionally, I can't say much on the ionic factor as it's not tangible but the vibration's benefit is enough to make me believe this product will help my skin in a long run. 

To buy or not to buy?

If you are a skin freak and really are the type of person that will take care of your skin, then yes, feel free to invest in this tool. Though, if the idea of spending extra time in front of the mirror massaging your face ticks you off, then don't. You'll need to be diligent enough in your skincare routine should you even want to start investing in a beauty gadget.  

Pobling Mini Ion Applicator

Retail price: RM58.00 is selling this at only RM38.00! (as of 15 August 2015) 

For more information and to purchase Pobling Mini Ion Applicator, visit this direct link to this tool!

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