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Win A Set Of Pierre Cardin Sport Range - Energized II [Contest]

Being a young adult in this era is not easy. Especially when all our peers are getting into the whole fitness and gym and eating clean programme, it just makes you wonder "What Am I Doing?" while lying on your bed munching on the best tasting unhealthy snack ever. 

I used to play sports when I was in high school and in uni but things change when you start working. A lot of times this is when working OUT is not much of a priority anymore. No doubt, we all want to exercise but we use time as our excuse. 

I've only gotten back into the whole exercise thing about 8 months back after being peer-pressured into joining my first trail run. And it's a 12km trail NIGHT run with no prior training. Champion of the world. 

After that, I started joining more runs and I'm glad to have a few good friends onboard with me on this. It's been good so far but will most probably take a step back on running due to my studies, though, I've just signed up for gym in my Uni. So, fitness will still be something I want to keep up with since I've been reminded on how much I love the adrenaline after a good workout session.  

I'm not one to have a wide selection of sports wear. It's pretty much the same thing every single time I play badminton with my friends or runs. Worst, in high school, I used to play volleyball with my regular bra! Darn, I don't even know how did I managed that.

Thus, I'm always thankful when I have the opportunity to own a new set of sports attire! This time, I'm blessed to be one of the first few to try Pierre Cardin's New Sport Range, Energized II.

They have a wonderful range of colours and designs, I believe there's at least one that will suit your needs and body type. 

Pierre Cardin's sport bra is really comfortable and chic too. The material is really light and flexible while the design being rather trendy and fashionable. Of course, the most important things is that it minimises breast movement while exercising. Though, not all of the sports bra are designed for a marathon, some are made for simpler workouts like yoga and gym session. Thus, it's really important to ask the friendly counter ladies for assistance and get fitted properly. 

Check out the entire collection!

For me, I've picked out the top row right most red sports bra along with a fitted three-quarter sports pants in black (bottom row second from the right). This is my first owning this type of sports pants and omgosh, the high performance Micro Fabric allows the coolest stretch, creating a second-skin fit feel for the sexiest butt ever! So Cool. Now I understand why people go crazy over Yoga pants.  

For runs, I highly suggest you choosing their Fashion Sport Short Pants as they made with Nylon to keep you cool and dry throughout your run. Plus, it's so light, that it helps with running further and longer.  

Stand a chance to win your very own set of Pierre Cardin Sport Range - Energized II!

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