Tuesday, June 16, 2015

SK-II Pitera On-The-Go [Review]

SK-II introduced two new essentials - SK-II Mid-Day Miracle Essence and Mid-Night Miracle Essence - to deliver a boost of crystal clear skin anytime, anywhere. This is probably two of the most interesting products that I really wanted to try as it's truly something unique that I've never thought SK-II will offer.

Many times, after applying makeup, we no longer apply skincare. Common sense. However, I'm sure there are some of us wish that we could apply skincare even in the middle of the day. This is where we pull out our mist and all kinds of refreshing spray products to give us the additional hydration boost.

Similarly, these new Miracle Essences is made with women on-the-go in mind. They penetrate through makeup to lock in moisture, preventing the potential visible effects of oxidative stress instantly and strengthens the skin barrier over time.

Is it a gimmick to have them in two bottles (Mid-Day and Mid-Night)?

The reason for this is due to our skin's 24-hour cycle. Apparently, our skin's rhythms can change according to the various stressors that a modern woman faces throughtout the day. UV stress, a dry environment and mental stress can all add up to increased oxidative damage and weakened barrier functions, leaving skin drier and duller.

Skin measurements show significant drops in hydration and radiance particularly in the later hours of the day at 4pm and 8pm compared to the morning. This leads to the collapse of makeup, so women may feel the need to touch up or refresh their makeup in the middle of the day.

The stressors continue into the night, especially if you are faced with smoke, alcohol, fatigue and lack of sleep can further damage the skin. Naturally, most women feel their skin becomes worse after a late night.

Both SK-II Mid-Day and Mid-Night Miracle Essence contain a specially-designed formula that combines a high level of Pitera with MoistureLock Complex in fine particles. It also contains Sodium PCA (Pyrrolidone Carboxylic Acid) - a component of skin's Natural Moisturising Factors which binds water within skin tissue to lock in moisture.

In addition, the Mid-Night Miracle Essence features a cooling agent to soothe the skin and senses after a long day for a refreshing feeling when applied at night.

Pitera in a spray form has long been on the wish list by many, truly even myself, I was quite excited for this product as I'm one of those mist-in-the-bag-to-freshen-up ladies. The Miracle Essences provides fine mist particles that are a quarter the size of visible skin pores which allow better penetration of it key ingredients, even through makeup.

My Thoughts...

They recommended to use 5 times daily, switching between the two products as you wish. Personally, I like it because I'm bias as I've always been into all these on-the-go mist. However, the difference is that I really can tell the difference between a normal mist and the Miracle Essences. Many times, the regular mist only gives a temporary solution. I find my skin feeling dry again, or sometimes, drier (depending on the brand) after the mist evaporates into thin air. Whenever this happens, it lifts away some of the natural moisture on my skin.

This means that a lot of times, most mist does a very superficial job. It gives a super awesome refreshing feeling upon spraying but the hydration doesn't penetrate through the makeup and into the skin.

Now, with the Miracle Essences, it claims to provide long-lasting moisturisation for up to 4 hours. Well, I don't know about that but what I can testify is the amazing feeling of being refresh (not as refreshing as the regular mist but good enough) instantly and most importantly, my skin no longer experience the uncomfortable after-mist dryness anymore! I don't have the urge to keep spraying more mist on my face because this somehow fulfils my skin's hydration cravings that could possibly due to its ability to penetrate through makeup and skin for the real moisture deal.

I may not be the biggest fan of carrying 2 bottles in my handbag (only if I'm using a bigger handbag) but I do like how this product feels on my skin. I love the fact that it gives a more permanent solution than just having the constant need to keep misting my face like a drug addict with other regular mist. It also helps to reflect a more translucent and hydrated look after a long day out and about running from events to errands to meet ups.

Availability and Price

SK-II Mid-Day Miracle Essence (50ml) and Mid-Night Miracle Essence (50ml) is available at all SK-II counters in Malaysia at RM232 each.


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