Saturday, June 13, 2015

Corgi - Spring 2015 Collection. I'm Head over Heels!

High Fashion

Blessed and beyond blessed! I can't say how much I'm in love with my 2 new pairs of pointy lady heels! Okay, maybe I should back up a little bit, I had the opportunity to shop at a fancy boutique in Publika called Corgi. 

If you've followed me on Instagram (@jqleejq), you would have probably seen a couple pretty cool pictures like:-

Pointy midi lady heels
My gorgeous selections of lady heels. So pretty! I can't stop staring at them!

and this....
midi heels
My shoe-fie. All you need is a full length mirror and a mirror app, you'll get some of the coolest picture.

and this...
oversized coat Although it's last season oversized coat, I just couldn't keep my hand away from it. The material and the length totally caught my eye, it's so something you'll see on Gossip Girl.

quality fashion
Korean made
professional clothes
beautiful heels
glitter heels
pearl and chain braclet

About Corgi

It's a fashion brand that specialises in retailing high-quality footwear, bags, clothes and accessories, designed to match casual classic yet elegant styles. 

Corgi believes that fashion is a statement for every woman to express their uniqueness. They pay close attention to details and fine craftsmanship of its products, all of which are manufactured in Korea, to ensure class and cutting-edge trends.  

Corgi is committed to inspire women to show freedom through style and confidence, and is dedicated to deliver customer satisfaction. 

fashionable office heels
elegant covered heels

I've been looking for elegant pointy midi heels such as these for some time now. It's a kind of a phase I'm going through and this season, I probably took pride from stealing looks of the rich and classy society. The elite community has always intrigued me and they've never failed (so far) to impress me with the way they clothe themselves. 

Now, before casting the first stone at me, I'm not saying that we should all go out and rush into branded outlets now. That's the great about fashion, you don't always need a RM5000 (or more) bag to represent you. Unless you can afford it or really, really, REALLY wanted it and save up for it and have a pretty darn good excuse, it's call insecurity. Don't we all have a little of self-doubt once in a while that requires us to requite that lacking with luxury goods? As strong as I might look, I know I still do sometimes. 

Though, what I've learnt over the years is that fashion shouldn't just be about trends or tags. It should also be mood, feelings, and comfort. It should bring joy and happiness into your life. It should help to bring out the confidence in you because many times, unknowingly, we somewhat express ourselves in accordance of how we dress that day. This includes makeup and hair too because it comes in a package unfortunately.

But you know what, research says that it's okay to have a little luxury in life once in a while and that pretty darn good reason is called Retail Therapy. For average working people like us, it's a rare wild card that we occasionally pull out from our purse. With a little self-control, it's only natural to take advantage of this fabulous shopping experience we can all have! ...and well deserved!

OOTD at Dior boutique Malaysia
These heels are suitable for fancy events.

Casual OOTD
As well as more casual looks.

Remember, whatever it is, just make sure to be you. Be true to yourself in that season of life and your shine will reveal itself in fashion because you have self-worthiness within you. Of course, never forget to have fun with fashion!

Level G2-45, Block C3
Publika Shopping Gallery


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