Friday, May 1, 2015

New Limited Edition SK-II Facial Treatment Essence + Mother's Day Giveaway!

SK-II unveils a brand new limited edition design of Facial Treatment Essence in collaboration with award-winning artist Po-Chih Huang. This exclusive design features an enchanting tapestry of pink roses wraps the limited edition bottle, making it the perfect gift for every woman on her journey to #ChangeDestiny. 

The prints represents an aspect of beauty - Love. 

Pink Rose is a flower traditionally associated with love and it's picked by Huang as a gentler expression of affections and tenderness - much like the relationship between the gift-givers and their loved ones. The design speaks of heartfelt appreciation and gratitude and tribute to the woman who is a pleasure to have in company. 

With long term use of Facial Treatment Essence, it's possible to beat your skin risks posed by your DNA and keep skin looking crystal clear in your 30s, 40s and 50s. Containing over 90% Pitera, the Essence harnesses this unique ingredient to transform your skin destiny beyond what you are born with.

This limited edition FTE is available for a limited time at all SK-II counters in Malaysia from 1 May 2015.

SK-II Limited Edition Facial Treatment Essence, 215ml - RM579

Mother's Day Giveaway!

In conjunction with Mother's Day, I'm giving away a Full Size SK-II Whitening Spot Care and Brighten Day Cream (25g) worth RM452*. More information on this product, visit SK-II website. It's easy to join!

  • Contest starts on 2nd May 2015 and ends on the 17th May 2015, 11.59pm.
  • Opens Internationally.
  • Winner are required to collect from me personally or send a representative. 
  • Postage can be done but winner will have to bear the shipping cost. 
*Updated price according to Lazada Malaysia website

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Janice Yeap said...

Full Name: Janice Yeap


Tell me why do you have the best Mom in the world?
I have the best Mom in the world because she is my listener and my close friend. We share our problems almost anything and sometimes we have pillow talk before we sleep. She is also a mother of 3 and she is a superwoman because she works in the day time and yet she does housework when she is back home from work. I always salute her for being so strong in handling this family. Thank you mummy! I love you always!

Carrie Anne Shuit Har Long said...

Full Name: Carrie Anne Long Shuit Har


Tell me why do you have the best Mom in the world?
My mom is the best because she single-handedly brought me up, and has sacrifice her entire life for me. She has given me the best gift in life, that is the gift of music, which no one can rob me of it. And right now, she's taking care of both my children, with tender loving care and full attention. She deserves to be pampered this Mother's Day! <3

Tenshi Chn said...

Full Name: Patricia Lim


Tell me why do you have the best Mom in the world?
My mom's the best in the world because she has always been super supportive and caring every moment. She would go all out to support my every decision no matter if it makes any sense to her or not. She's the one there for me when no one else is there for me to look up to. She's even there to support me even when I least expects it to happen. All I can say is, she's been there for me all the time unconditionally and I couldn't thank or love my mom enough for being this best mom in the world. I just hope I could make her happy for all that she have done for me and the family. She totally deserves it. <3

Juneci Siong said...

Full Name: Siong Cai Li
Tell me why do you have the best Mom in the world?
She has brought me and my siblings into this world, be both my dad and mum and love us more than herself. She may not be famous but she is the best mother in my heart. <3

snowmint said...

Full Name: Alicia Yeoh


Tell me why do you have the best Mom in the world?
My Mum's the best because to me there is no one that can shine brighter than my dearest Mum. She’s the lighthouse that offers me guidance throughout my life. Even the most beautiful of words cannot describe the love my Mum has showered onto me. There are many heart-warming stories about mother’s out there but I love mine the most! Happy Mother’s Day, Mummy dearest <3

Unknown said...

Full Name : Sharmila Gunaselan

Email :

Tell me why do you have the best Mom in the world?
My mum has inherited the ability to spread her wings just like a guardian angel to lead me to fly free and high above the ground to reach for my goals that I have long for the ability to cut off the constraints that are tying me down.

Ivy Tan said...

Full Name: Ivy Tan Lay Thing


Tell me why do you have the best Mom in the world?
My mom is the best because since my dad passed away 39yrs ago, she plays the dad and mum role, working day to support family, night will be housework, spend time with me, she spent most of her lifetime looking after me even now, whenever I am happy or sad, she is still here for me. My love for my mom are forever <3

Betty Liew siaw fan said...

Full Name: Betty Liew Siaw Fan

Tell me why do you have the best Mom in the world?
Mummy, I am so impress with you as you are supermom. You raise us up alone as a single parent. You work hard to earn more money just to ensure we have enough food to feed our stomach. Nobody will know how tough is the road that you have gone through. But you never give up on your life and even motivate us . I love you mummy and you are my angel. Thank you to you I have been successful in my career. Your support mean a lot to me. I promise to myself that I will bring happiness to your life. Happy Mother's Day

Crystal Lam said...

Full Name : Lam Ngeok Hung

Email :

Tell me why do you have the best Mom in the world?
Thanks her for bringing me to this world. She are the Ruby of my life because her unconditional love are irreplaceable, asking nothing in return but our well-being. Her Love & Sacrifice caters for our everything. I am so proud to be a mother as well, Because I have the power to nurture life, To be a beacon just as my mom was. Although we are separately from deep South China Sea but it doesn't make us lost connection from each other. I hope we can see each other very soon, looking forward to our next reunion day. I love her very much and Happy belated Mother's day to her.

eleene hooi said...


Tell me why do you have the best Mom in the world?

I have a best mom because she light up my life. From the time she pregnant until born me,that's much thing she need to take care so that i can healthy to bringing to this world .For me ,my mom is the best because she is acaring mother whose take care and support five of children no matter how big we are. Even thought past few year she has been diagnosis has lymphoma cancer, she has strong determination to fight against her illness and comfort us not to be sad as she able to win in this war . Thanks mom , u has been win , you got a healthy body now !! u show to me that if someone got determination to do something , no matter how difficulty will be face, u sure can do it. I LOVE YOU , MOM be happy,be healthy . You are my super Power Woman

Fiona Chong said...

Full Name: Fiona Chong


Tell me why do you have the best Mom in the world?
What's the best of SK-II for our skin,looking good and build our confidence is similar of my Mom's love onto me.She is always the superb mom and hero in my heart.We are close friend for each other.No one can give a love as her use to do for me in a world. I will love and respect my mom forever.

不懂 said...

Full Name: Elliott Chay


Tell me why do you have the best Mom in the world?

Being a mother is a tough job. Being a mother and working at the same time is harder.
She has managed to do both well.
Mom, she is so many things. She is my friend, sister, chef, comedian, protector, chauffer, and ultimate teacher. She’s an all-in-one package deal.
Even though she couldn’t fly or warp whenever she wants to, she is stronger than Superwoman.
She just knows everything. I just call “Mom”, everything will be alright.
She goes on a shopping and when she is back all she has is stuffs for me and the family.
She is a King Kong. She can carry two 10kg bags of rice and one bottle of oil (5 litres) up to home.
The older I grow, the more I realize that my mother is the best.

Allysha Tong said...

Full Name : Allysha Tong

Email :

Tell me why do you have the best Mom in the world?

*** Never giving up on me though I often act obnoxious,
Growing up has been the best time of my life with Mom protecting me from anything vicious....
Teaching me humility, compassion and to reject anything that’s malicious;
Always loving, caring, selfless and gracious…
Undoubtedly THE BEST MOM in the World deserves only the The Best Skincare in the World..
Similarly to my dearest Mom, SK2s the epitome of everything that’s treasured, luxurious and precious!! :D ***

Thank You soo much for everything Mom.. love you always ;-) You totally deserves this prize (hope I will get to win it for you!)

Tan Yee Lian said...

Full Name: Tan Yee Lian


Tell me why do you have the best Mom in the world?
My mom is the best because
She knows a hundred different ways to handle housework.
She cooks more heavenly than any other chef.
She protects me from anyone who tries to take advantage of me.
She shoulders the burden of take care 3 of us without sweat.
She leads me towards the right path of life.
She is more than just a mom, she is my soulmate who knows me inside out!
My dear mom, you’re the Ruby in my life! You’re not world No. 1 but you’re my No. 1! I love you forever...