Monday, April 20, 2015

The Freedom To Express Myself! [Thoughts + Contest]

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Freedom, a word that we all yearn for but in various context. Some defines it as independence, some declares it as liberty after a certain separation, while others express it as carefree and spontaneity. Whatever definition it might be, to own freedom is actually luxurious. Freedom has never being daunted as something negative, it always speaks power and strength in most situations. Thus, why should we reject such amazing spirit, especially when it's given to us? 

Laurier Super Slimguard '1mm

In conjunction with International Women's Month, Laurier introduces a new range of sanitary products to satisfy different women needs as well as to celebrate the awesomeness of being a woman.

Truly, the Laurier Super Slimguard '1mm is crazy cool. It's so thin that it allows you to move the way you want to! It gives us the freedom to be carefree, spontaneous and active during our menstrual days, even in a body-fitted dress.

Besides that, the quick dry mesh surface is superb in absorption as well as keeping it dry (5x drier) to avoid discomforts due to wetness. With the security and peace of mind, you can now sparkle with Laurier! #LaurierSparkles

1mm thin with quick dry mesh surface makes it super comfortable to use.

Check out this hilarious video on how a thick maxi pad is getting in the way of our daily activities. It tickles my laughing box when a thick maxi pad starts grabbing the lady preventing her from doing her best at a presentation and playing sports. It also shows that the new Super Slimguard is not only thin, but also great in absorption power. (2x faster absorption)

Now is your turn to claim this freedom and win great prizes!

contest giveaway

Laurier is running a Fashion Week Contest from 14th March - 2nd May 2015. All you got to do is to express your individuality through fashion and stand a chance to be one of the 20 lucky Laurier fans to win total prizes worth up to RM8,200 Laurier products and TopShop vouchers!

To join the contest, head over to this direct link of the contest page!

For more information, stalk Kao Laurier Facebook page or website.


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