Saturday, September 5, 2015

HA Hydrating System Facial At Bella [Review]

I love facials. Scratch that, I love taking some time of my hectic schedule to be pampered in a beauty salon. I appreciate quiet venue when getting my facials or body massages, this is crucial because the whole point of this is to truly relax and unwind. I'd rather pay a little extra for a better venue and friendly staff than stressing over unnecessary matters later. So ladies, pick your salons wisely.

I'm grateful to have the opportunity to try out Bella's HA Hydrating System Facial. I believe this facial is quite suitable for anyone because all of our skin needs hydration, despite the difference in skin type. It's a 2-hour treatment that's definitely well spent as I walked out of the place feeling absolutely refreshed. 

Being warmly welcomed with a cup of tea is always a pleasant start. After filling out my form, was lead for a skin check - best time to ask on all your skin concerns and treatment process (I always do like to know what the therapist is doing and products used on my face) - before heading to the treatment room. 

Relaxation Prep
It starts with a pampering hand spa. My fingers and arms were massaged thoroughly with a lotion before getting dipped in wax and cling-wrapped to further moisturise the lower half of my arms and hands. Then, I lay down on my back for a detox face and shoulder massage to calm my body and soul.

Facial Procedure
  1. Double Cleansing
  2. Exfoliation
  3. Extraction
  4. Rose Infused Soothing Mist 
  5. Machine is used to further pump mist into the skin. It's a totally calming process.
  6. Uplifting Massage - my favourite part. Massage is performed on face, neck, and shoulder. 
  7. Serum is then applied before putting on a paper mask for 20mins
  8. Time to take a nap while waiting for the mask to absorb
  9. Mask is removed followed by the basic skincare steps of toning, serum, moisturiser and sunblock.
  10. Ended with a warm towel on the shoulder and back while sitting up, as well as a simple shoulder and back massage. 
After getting dressed, I was lead to get my skin checked again to compare the result. Well, of course, it stated that my skin is so much more hydrated now. Otherwise, it defeats the purpose. That aside, usually your skin will start looking good one day after your facial, once the skin is completely healed from the extraction. That when everything will somehow turn out right, such as makeup looks smoother, everything you apply seem to be working, your skin is just glowing from within. Life will feel absolutely great for about 2-3 weeks, depending on your hormones and food intake. 

Facial works. I personally try to go every month or once every two months. For a start, you can try out a few places, then once you have found a place you can trust, you'll usually stick to it for a while. 

Thank you Bella for a great pampering session.

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