Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Story With Betjeman & Barton...

Girl having high tea

If you have seen a receipt for tea session circulating all over Facebook recently, this is the place where the extravagant tea session was held. Just four travel buddies, chatting and sipping some good quality French tea. 

Betjeman and barton one utama
Fancy tea pots

Some people say it has a very oriental design from the outside, no where near French-looking. Well, partially was also due to the CNY festive season, thus the oriental decor at the centre piece. Other than that, the overall design is feels classic. 

The history of B&B started in 1919, Arthur Betjeman opened The English Tea House, a small shop in Paris specialised in selling teas. Soon he expanded his business to England and it quickly became a success with the locals there. Then, he decided to partner up with Percy Barton, his general manager, which is what gives us the brand name Betjeman & Barton. 

Gold Tea accessories
Happy boy in high tea
High Tea cup
Top teas to try
6 types of tea popular B&B tea

They have a total of 100 of loose teas available from Classic and Blended Perfume Teas to Fruit Infused flavoured teas. However, if you order the high tea set, they will usually narrow it to 6 types of tea (that are more commonly acceptable by the masses and popular among their customers) for you to choose from. 

I personally love Des Amours. It has a mix of Green and Black tea along with Passion Fruit and Jasmine flower. I even have this tea at home and serve it to my friends and family during CNY house visitation. Even my dad, a typical Chinese tea man, is surprisingly loving it due to it's fragrance. The scent prevails as more flower-fruity, not the sweet type of fruity. With passion fruit, it does gives out a little tangy scent that quite refreshing. 

I've also tried Les Invites as they are one of B&B's best selling perfumed green tea. It's a blend of green tea with Rose, Lychee and Jasmine Flower. Don't worry, the rose doesn't really overpower the tea scent as it's balanced up with jasmine flower to make it more acceptable. 

If you are looking for non-caffeine tea, try Rooibush Jardin Rouge. This is, again, quite fruity for it's a blend of Strawberry, Grapefruit, Vanilla, Corn Flower and Purple Flower. 

A heads up for those who's not much of a tea drinker or have only drank commercialised teas, it might be a little tough for you to differentiate them, especially when drinking, they might all just taste the same to you even though they smell very different in dry form. 

Handmade Belgium Chocolates
Handmade Belgium Chocolates

We also indulged in some French Finest Cakes...
french cakes
Oreo Cheese Mousse and Lemon Cheesecake

French cakes
Mango Mousse and Tiramisu

Tea infused ice cream
Tea Infused Ice Cream!


Tea cordial

An interesting gift would be this Tea Essence or they call it Sirop, where you just mix it with water like a cordial. They only have two flavours so far. Though, I didn't have the chance to try it. It's not cheap though, cost RM99 per bottle. 

Otherwise, you could always just buy a canister and purchase the loose teas as you wish. They have many designs to choose from. I will always go for the plain and simple ones. Some are already pre-packed and sealed with certain types of teas, just make sure you check the label properly before paying. Also, if you feel fancy, you can get the beautifully packed hamper, just be prepare to blow your budget. 

Tea canister
Tea canister
Tea canister
Betjeman & Barton Hamper
High tea with friends
Young girl high tea

Betjeman & Barton One Utama
Lot G220, Ground Floor, 
1, Lebuh Bandar Utama, 
Bandar Utama City Centre, 
47800 Petaling Jaya, 


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LauraLeia said...

I passed by the place a few times in 1U and was like 'walao so fancy' but really, really need to go get that Les Invites tea already! It's everything (my mum and) I ever wanted in tea! :D