Saturday, March 7, 2015

AUPRES Aqua Energy Skincare [Review]

AUPRES introduced the Aqua Energy Skincare range last January and it claims to be a whole new revolutionary moisturising line targeting dehydrated skin. 

It's specially formulated with unique Green Tea Complex to soothe agitated cells (dry, heated cells), and its exclusive Smart Moisture Complex that replenishes skin with the right amount of moisture as well as assist in retaining moisture. This technology allows each cell to trap in moisture abundantly, allowing the skin to indulge in purified moisture even when exposed to severe dryness. 

Skincare lineup: 

Cleansing Foam (125g) - RM65
Moisture Lotion (170ml) - RM80
Moisture Emulsion (130ml) - RM85
Cream (50g) - RM100
Eye Cream (20g) - RM100
[Star Product] Moisture Capturing Essence (80g) - RM120

AUPRES Aqua Energy Moisture Capturing Essence
 Star Product - AUPRES Aqua Energy Moisture Capturing Essence Full Size

This is my first time encountering such clear, thick, jelly-textured product. It's literally thick, almost like a soft agar-agar. Due to my past experience with gels, I thought that this would be not be quite suitable for my crazy dry skin. I was quite wrong when I first tried it out on my face. 

This is the kind of product that absorbs moisture into the skin yet leaving a moisture layer on the surface of the skin. Somewhat function as a protective barrier for your skin. Now, if you hate these kind of products, this is not for you because it really does give that abundance of moisture feeling in and on your skin. I personally love this feeling but I realised that I can't apply too generously as overdoing it will just result in it being sticky on the skin. Remember, you'll have to leave some room for your moisturiser. 

AUPRES Aqua Energy Moisture Capturing Essence Swatch
AUPRES Aqua Energy Moisture Capturing Essence Swatch

I was given a travel size set and it came very timely for my Korea trip at the end of January. It's winter in Korea and my plan was to put this to test, to see if it satisfy my skin's moisture needs at an extreme cold and dry weather. If this fails, I will just buy myself a new skincare set in the country with abundance of beauty products. 

I still ended with a huge box of skincare products when I return but wasn't because AUPRES Aqua Energy failed me, it was my lack of self-control. Lols. 

I'm truly glad to have brought my Aqua Energy Deep Moisture travel set over to Korea because it worked fantastically in keeping my skin moisturised throughout the trip. The combination of these 3 products pulled through the harsh winter conditions. The Deep Moisture Lotion works much better than a regular toner because it has a thicker consistency which ultimately is the start to moisture-ville. Then, follow on with the Moisture Capturing Essence which is the recipe to retaining skin's moisture from within. Topping it all up with the Deep Moisture Emulsion that really helps to not only further hydrates the skin but also to lock everything up to prevent more moisture lost to the environment. Overall, I slapped on these 3 babies on my skin like there was no tomorrow. 

When I came back from Malaysia, my concern was that it will get too much on my skin. After a couple of times trying it in this humid weather, of course, I have to cut down on the amount used to avoid having it feeling to heavy on the skin. I find that I'm happiest with these products on days I decided to go au natural, bare face with only sunscreen over it. Otherwise, my makeup with just look too thick and not as smooth as I'd like it to be. Definitely, I love this skincare routine for the night, sometimes, when I'm feeling a little naughty, I would totally indulge my skin in it.


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