Tuesday, March 24, 2015

shu uemura metal:ink [Review]

metallic eyeliner tutorial
great metallic eyeliners

How about a bouquet of metallic eyeliners, my friends? 

Yup, let's go crazy because shu uemura launched its metallic bouquet 2015 spring summer collection and holy moly, it's so festive and summer ready. It's feminine, playful and quite versatile. 

metal:ink, the eyeliners, is only part of the collection. They have other products such as 4 shades of pressed eye shadows, 5 limited edition rouge unlimited lipsticks, and a fabulous pair of limited edition graphical falsies. But I will only be reviewing these gorgeous eyeliners. 

I'm All About That Base! [Review]

makeup primer

Finally, it's my review of Make Up For Ever Step 1 Skin Equalizer Base Eclat Radiant Primer! I have been using this for a while now, not all the time because I don't use a primer with my CC creams, I only have the habit of using a primer if I choose to apply a foundation that day. Especially during those-time-of-the-month, the more you'll need a trusty primer due to all the possible open/large pores prevailing on our skin. 

Like a painter prepares a smooth canvas with a basecoat, primers help to prepare our skin by providing a more even skin surface for you to work your makeup magic on. STEP1 Skin EQUALIZER is an equalizer that can balance out every skin to provide perfect texture and the best possible base to apply foundation. 

How To Deal With Menstrual Pain [Review + Giveaway]

PMS is real but we can learn how to control our emotions to ensure that it doesn't get to your head. However, menstrual pain is rather out of our control. Not every lady experience menstrual pain (you are so blessed) while some go through it whether or not they steer clear from ice water or consuming things that are known to "cause menstrual pain".

I personally do usually experience the time-of-the-month torture, mostly comes with back aches and lower belly discomfort that usually last for one to two days. There are many methods to treat the cramps such as medication, hot water bag, drink hot beverages and etc. Well, I find myself either popping pink tablets or exercising (or stretching on my bed if I'm lazy) to help get over the unpleasantness. Many times, I also get very tempted to just snuggle on my bed, watch a movie and indulge in kit-kats even when I have tons of deadlines pilling up.

Taking medication works most of the time but it's definitely not something that removes the pain immediately, plus I've heard that taking pills long term is not very good for your body. Exercising only assist in removing the pain occasionally, I have this weird theory that if you move your body fast enough, you'll shake the pain away from your body (Obviously, I know now that's not quite accurate). Snuggling in bed is just me using my period as an excuse to be a potato couch.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Pure Beauty CC Cream [Review + Video Tutorial + Giveaway]

I'm totally surprised with picture outcome above. I mean, I didn't touch up with any "magic brush" nor applying filter on it. This CC cream is amazing. Scroll down further and you'll also find a video tutorial on my everyday makeup look using this product. 

Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Story With Betjeman & Barton...

Girl having high tea

If you have seen a receipt for tea session circulating all over Facebook recently, this is the place where the extravagant tea session was held. Just four travel buddies, chatting and sipping some good quality French tea. 

Monday, March 9, 2015

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet [Review]

Matte and bold. Definitely one of my favourite matte lipsticks in town. The colour payoff is crazy gorgeous and ultra pigmented, along with it feeling super light on the lips as well as it being extremely long lasting. Almost everything it claims are true, except that it is still quite drying in my opinion.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

AUPRES Aqua Energy Skincare [Review]

AUPRES introduced the Aqua Energy Skincare range last January and it claims to be a whole new revolutionary moisturising line targeting dehydrated skin. 

It's specially formulated with unique Green Tea Complex to soothe agitated cells (dry, heated cells), and its exclusive Smart Moisture Complex that replenishes skin with the right amount of moisture as well as assist in retaining moisture. This technology allows each cell to trap in moisture abundantly, allowing the skin to indulge in purified moisture even when exposed to severe dryness.