Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Should You Buy Innisfree In Malaysia?

Girl at Innisfree Malaysia
Girl at Innisfree Malaysia

I've decided to bring this question up because I have a couple of friends asking me if it's worth it buying Innisfree in Malaysia. If you don't know, Innisfree is a popular brand from Korea and they've recently launched their first store in Sunway Pyramid December 2014. It was quite the rage for beauty fanatics, I'll admit that I was pretty excited myself when I got invited for the launch. 

If you've been following me on Instagram, you would know that I visited South Korea last month. Of course, I've prepared more than enough money for skincare shopping. To my surprise, I actually did not purchased anything from Innisfree and it wasn't because the products weren't great, it's because there weren't much difference when it comes to price. 

Sunway pyramid

I personally do love the brand because of the product, not because of Lee Min Ho, not because of their ambassadors, it's purely because I do like most of the products that they offer. It works for me skin. I have been using their Green Tea Seed eye cream, my under eyes adore it as well as my wallet because it's truly a huge amount for an eye cream. I also absolutely fell in love with their Creamy Tint Lip Mousse in no.6, a super bright, matte pink, that's crazy creamy and moisturising. I even love their packaging in general, it's just so green and eco-friendly looking. Gosh, I can go on all day on why I love Innisfree. 

Due to the obvious fact that I really love the brand, I was rather prepared to spend a whole lot of my Korean currency in Innisfree in Korea. I remembered being super excited when I saw the first Innisfree store in Busan, I walked in and walked out within 5 minutes, empty handed. What happened? 

Then I realised it was our currency, our Malaysian Ringgit, that has dropped. I had all my friends telling me that buying skincare and cosmetic is dirt cheap but it all went down the drain when I was there. After calculating, it really wasn't much of a price difference if you buy Innisfree products in Korea or in the beautiful store that we have in Malaysia. Yes, it's a little cheaper but really, why don't you spend that Won on other things that's not available here. 

Yes, in all honestly, I still did buy a box of other brand skincare products back from Korea but their are mostly either you can't find in Malaysia or overly priced in this wonderful multicultural country. It didn't make sense to me to make my purchases there when I have it in my country with almost the same price. 

korean skincare
korea skincare
I really love how Innisfree Malaysia store looks. It's super inviting.

korean skincare
Zoe was totally posing for me before cashing out.

Sterilise your beauty tools
sterilise your beauty tools

Also, I find it very interesting for them to have a section of Clean Zone, where anyone with any brand brushes/beauty tools can come here to sterilise them. :D I give it Two Thumbs Up for the brilliant idea. I've never tried it yet but it's pretty cool I have to say.

Beautiful bloggers at the event! 

and super bubbly Ashley!

*Yes, this is my personal opinion. This is not a paid campaign, heck, this is not even a campaign at all. xD

Innisfree is located at Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall,G1.70, Ground Floor (Orange Zone). For more info, visit their Facebook page  

Have a great day my friends!

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