Sunday, February 15, 2015

O'slee Fourth Generation Rosehip Beauty Solution Ruby Toner [Review]

My first impression was "Air Sirap!" Truly, it does smells exactly like one. Not something that I would say I'm highly fond of, probably due to the fact that I grew up in Malaysia, Rose water beverages were served in almost every Malay weddings and events, or at least used to. Now, I believe many prefer to serve Teh O Ais Limau as it's less in colouring and taste a whole lot better. 

It was quite a struggle to try this at first (due to the fragrance), it's not a turn off or anything, it just reminds me of drinking sweet rose water (air sirap) when applying it. As if the product is sweet and it's weird to have them on my face. Though, after applying them, I do like how it feels on my skin as it does give a certain refreshing feeling to my skin. 

First of all, I will give it that they did a fantastic job with the bottle. The packaging looks fantastic with its gradient pink glass bottle, making it feels and look absolutely sturdy and classy. If you don't know, this is actually O'slee's Fourth Generation Rosehip Beauty Solution Ruby Edition and this affordable brand is imported from Hong Kong.

The Pure Rosehip extract have the ability to enhance the growth of skin tissues and collagen, retains skin's moisture, anti-oxidant, relaxing as well as mild whitening. It also includes Pea Essentials to assist on stimulating self-repairing ability of the stem cells, improve elasticity of skin as well as to tighten up and reduce wrinkles.

The coolest thing about this toner, also known as 'Ruby Water', are that they are made with natural clustered water. It's top quality water that's easy permeate and diffuse into the skin and cells to activate the cell tissues and bring life back to the skin with the help of other precious ingredients mentioned prior.

How to use? 

This is probably the most obvious one, after cleansing and before moisturiser. I've tried applying with my hands, patting it into the skin, as well as applying it with a cotton pad. I prefer using a cotton pad, it's somewhat more refreshing that way. 

Compact mask sheet tablet is super useful for purposes like this. Just let them soak up the ruby water and apply them on like a normal mask. 

I personally think that this will be a great on-the-go mist to have in your handbag. Seriously, it will be absolutely refreshing as well as hydrating when you need a little wake up call in the middle of the day. Unfortunately, you will need to go buy a mini spray bottle yourself, available in Daiso. 

Makeup base and on top of makeup
If you are planning to do this, make sure it's in a spray bottle. It's the best way to get it on your face without removing your moisturiser or makeup. It's not a makeup setting spray but it will be great as it will add some hydrating glow look to the skin. 

Body moisturiser
This was recommended by them. I personally don't think it works as a body moisturiser, nope, I don't recommend this method of using it at all unless you have crazy oily skin on your body that you can't take a hint of lotion. An alternative would be after done wiping all over the face with a cotton pad, use the remaining to wipe the body, mainly the arms. 

Price: RM59.90 (120ml) 
Availability: Guardian Nationwide


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