Monday, February 16, 2015

Bene Premium Bluria & Rougeria Non-Silicone Haircare [Full Review]

I've written a blogpost about the current trend of non-silicone haircare products in the market, you should really read that blogpost first to grasp some idea of why we should opt of a non-silicone product. This blogpost will mainly be a review of the entire range. 

First of all, let me say that both range smells absolutely amazing. Rougeria has a stronger, more girly scent as compared to Bluria. However, the scent doesn't last long, it's not the type of shampoo that causes your whole bathroom to smell like you've just walked into a garden. Usually at the first wash with a non-silicone shampoo, it's common to feel as if it's too drying for your hair. However, do give it a few more washes for your hair will get used to the formulation of these enzyme-rich products. 

The shampoos - both Bluria and Rougeria - lather really well and I usually like to give myself a good scalp massage when I'm at it. It helps me to temporarily escape this chaotic world while I enjoy in a moment of me time. When it comes to conditioner, this is when I'm glad that these product are silicone free because I can safely apply conditioner on my scalp. Yes, scalp. Though, the technique is to work the condition from the hair ends to the scalp. This helps to moisturise the scalp from the cleansing that we did earlier. 

About 2 times per week, I will switch up my conditioner routine with the hair mask (Bluria or Rougeria, depending on my mood), except this time, I avoid the scalp at all cost as they have a much thicker consistency and this is mainly to repair the hair strands. It really gives a deep hydration and intensive treatment that our hair needs. Some like to do this after conditioning with the daily conditioner but I prefer to keep my routine as minimal as possible. 

With a semi-wet hair, I will apply the Bluria Delicious Spa Night Care Milk. I air dry my hair most of the time but doing this will also help protect your hair if you are planning to put heat on it. At least the hair is already prepped with some form of moisture before it completely dries. During the day time, especially before I go out, I like to further tame my hair strands with the tiniest amount of Rougeria Delicious Repair Hair Oil to make it neater and shinier looking. Plus, the hair oil is formulated with keratin, it will continue to repair and condition my hair. 

We were recommended to switch shampoos alternately as Bene Premium Bluria will provide a deeper cleansing of the scalp and hair while Bene Premium Rougeria will help to give back the lost moisture and to rejuvenate damaged hair. If you have coloured hair, I highly suggest that you stick to Rougeria for a few weeks as you'll definitely need that deeper level of conditioning rather than cleansing. 

Following this routine so far have been good, it kept my hair in healthier condition than expected due to my extremely bleached hair. I personally love the hair oil because not only it tames my hair, it also makes them smell super good. 

For more information on the price list and availability, do check out my introductory blogpost on Bene Premium Bluria and Rougeria Range.  


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