Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Sunplay Skin Aqua UV Watery Gel SPF50+ PA++++ [Review]

I was on Superstar Libra Cruise for 4D3N, travelling from Penang to Phuket to Krabi and back to Penang again. Imagining myself laying on deck enjoying the windy yet sunny day, it was definitely the best time for me to finally try out a new sunscreen. 

I've had this for a long time in it's packaging and I was glad that I brought it along with me for this trip because not only the deck can be burning, my Phuket and Krabi city tours were extremely sunny and hot too. So, sunscreen is must for the whole body! 

Sunplay Skin Aqua UV Watery Gel comes with a high UV Protection of SPF50+ that protects against UVB rays which causes skin darkening and PA++++ that protects against UVA rays which causes skin ageing. It also comes with a new advanced technology Solarex-3, to provide 3-in-1 UV defense system that includes:
  • Photostable UV Protection - combines 6 UV filters that does not break down or degrade easily under the sun to provide long lasting protection. 
  • Photoageing Protection - with Rona Care Ectoin from Germany and Golden Seaweed Extract from France to help fight free radicals and protect against sun damage and skin ageing caused by UV rays. 
  • Intense Hydration - with Hyaluronic Acid that effectively hydrates and locks-in moisture on skin to provide all-day hydration. 

Of course, behind all those scientific mentions, I personally do like the light weight texture of the product. It's a watery gel based, which not only make it feels like nothing on the skin but also gives a hint of cooling, soothing effect thanks to its Aloe and Portulaca extracts. There's no white streak marks, super easy to blend and it leaves a matte finish. And when I say matte, it's really matte, like nothing on the skin.

Trust me, not only oily skin peeps enjoys a good matte sunscreen, we dry skin people will need it too especially when we are travelling. When you are visiting places and the weather is just so hot and humid, the traditional sunscreen that leaves a layer of something in the skin just will not cut it. Not only your makeup will not last but your body will feel extremely sticky and uncomfortable during the entire trip.  

It does have a bit of sunscreen smell to it, especially when you first apply on. It's nothing too overwhelming but I know how it can bother some people. It does go off after a few minutes, especially once it's completely absorbed.

Also, when they say hydration, I believe it's very much on the internal level of the skin because of the existence of Hyaluronic Acid. Though, I wouldn't say I feel much of a difference when it comes to its hydration function because while touring around places, baking under the hot sun and humid weather, all I can think about in my mind was to get myself protected from the sun. Though, just because I can't feel any difference physically, doesn't mean it's not working its magic. It's better to have it than without it. 

Price: RM37.90 


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Jean said...

i saw myself! hahahaha.. i love this product too! feel like applying moisturiser saja~