Thursday, December 18, 2014

Perfecto Snack Bar!

Okay, I'm just gonna give it up straight to you. No bullshit. Perfecto is invading some of your favourite hipster cafe! Of course, for a limited time only.

I was at Fickles, TTDI trying out this pretty cool idea of a simple snack bar while we enjoy our drinks and chit-chat session with our friends. Let's face it, most of us go to a cafe mainly for the beverages and catchup sessions. At least now, we have the choice to have some snacks to munch on without paying too much. It's only RM3.50. The best part is that we can customise them ourselves, only choose to put what we like on it!

If you don't know Perfecto chips, they are known for its fresh garnishing on every crisps. The brand has 3 flavours, natural sea salt, sour cream and chives, and chilli and spice infusion. 

For the snack bar, they have prepared a good variety of choices as dippings. The cheese and salsa sauce is a must to drizzle and I would sprinkle all three parsley flakes, chilli flakes and cheese powder all over the chips. Yumsss. 

They are now available till the 9th January 2015 at these cafes below: 

Instagram Contest!

Perfecto will be picking three (3) lucky fans every week for a month to receive a carton of Perfecto crisps each! You can stand a chance to win them by following these two simple few steps: 
  1. Take a picture of yourself (or with your friends) enjoying Perfecto crisps at one of the cafes mentioned above. 
  2. Instagram that pictures and hashtag #Perfectochips
For more information and updates, visit Perfecto Snacks Facebook page or Instagram.

Here's to enjoying Perfecto chips with friends!


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