Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas With UnionJac@Pop !

Christmas is incomplete without desserts and one of my favourite place to get my sweet tooth fixed is UnionJac, located at Pop in The School, Jaya One. They are famous for their homemade macarons that comes in a couple of unique flavours that's not available anywhere else!

This simple cafe kiosk also serves gourmet coffee and tea for people who wish to find a place to sit and chill as well as cakes, but mostly available on weekends. 

Their classic flavours for macarons includes vanilla, pistachio, jack and rose, peanut butter, rose and lychee, salted caramel, green tea and earl grey. Personally, I fell in love with their salted caramel macaron at first bite. These macarons are not too sweet as well as it has a really nice texture of crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. Selling at RM4.50 per piece, it's super worth trying. 

Minced Pie - UK and Linzer Cookie

The real Christmas goodies starts here. Introducing star-shaped Linzer Cookie, a classic Austrian cookie that taste absolutely delicious with its homemade jam. The cookie is soft and crumbly, just the way I like it. Priced at RM4 per piece or RM15 in a gift box that comes with 4-5 Linzer cookies and mini star-shaped cookies. Minced Pie (RM7), UK style, comes with dried fruits and cream cheese as fillings and Viennese topping. Yup, that's how the ang moh-s like their pie, not with minced meat like our char siew pao. I've tried it, taste like muffin with fruits. Not exactly my cup of tea but my friends loved it. 

Ginger Bread Man (RM5)

Seasonal Macarons
UnionJac Signature - Musang King Durian (RM6)

"It's like biting into a different texture of durian..." that's how my friend described it and she's completely right. It's really delicious, the filling sure taste like the durian fruit but without the bitter taste that we usually get from the fruit. The smell is extremely strong, thus, if you dislike durian due to the smell, you won't be able to enjoy this.

New! Cempedak and Pistachio (Introductory price - RM5)

Again, if you don't like the smell of Cempedak, you won't like this because it smell amazing to me! Lols. However, it's not overwhelming in taste though. Quite delightful.

Cranberry and Orange (RM5)

Of course, it has that slight taste of citrus but with a burst of Cranberry fruit surprise in it! :D What an interesting concept. Bringing my macaron experience onto a whole new level. Plus, the snowflake design on it is so Christmas!

UnionJac is also available for bulk and customised cake and macaron pre-orders too. You may call the lovely owner or just drop them a message on their UnionJac Facebook page.

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UnionJac MY (Orders) Facebook page
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