Sunday, November 2, 2014

Zespri Kiwi 3-Way!

Yes, I've signed up for another round of Zespri's Kiwi 14-Day Challenge! Well, technically, this year I've been a bad contestant. I haven't been consistently following up with my post and stuff. Lols. Busy month I have to admit. Fuh! 

Anyway, here I present to you Zespri Kiwi 3-Way featuring a glass of detoxifying kiwi infused water, nourishing and refreshing kiwi face mask, and a delicious honey kiwi smoothie! Here's how I did it. 

The best part about this so-called "recipe" is that it all comes from the same source. All you really need to do for preparation is to chuck some sliced kiwis into a bottle of water and leave them overnight in your fridge. Is that SIMPLE! 

When you allow the Kiwis to soak in water overnight, the water becomes infused with the amazing nutrients and flavour of the fruit. We all know Kiwi is a superfood that's packed with vitamins A and E. It helps to prevent free radicals (high in antioxidants) as well as certain types of cancer. Plus, it does wonders for our digestive system. So much goodness, I just can't not love it!

A few preparation tips for you:
  • I choose to slice my kiwi to get better or fuller infused water. 
  • Only use drinkable water. You can also opt for Mineral water if you like. 
  • Overnight in the fridge, not freezer. 
  • If you can't have them overnight, at least have them doing its magic for at least 3 hours in the fridge. 
  • Preferably use not-so-fully-ripe kiwis, use the ones that still feels a little hard from the on the outside. It's not very sight-pleasing when you infuse soft kiwis. Harder to manage, water may just look disgusting in the end. 

#1 Clean Eating - Detoxifying Fruit Water!

We are in a health conscious era. Even if we don't exercise regularly, we will learn how to at least watch what we consume. Also, I'm sure you've been told many times to drink loads of water. So why not spice things up and have a glass of fruit water! It's great for anyone and everyone who's bored of just plain water and those who are on a clean eating lifestyle. 

Fruit water in general is known for its detoxifying benefits. It's a truly delicious and easy way to flush toxins from your body, which improves your overall health and well-being. 

#2 Nourishing Kiwi Water Face Mask!

If you remember, I blogged about a few DIY Kiwi Mask last year. Of course, as a beauty blogger, I can't leave my skin out! I understand some can't really enjoy a full on Kiwi mask or any fruit mask because it may be too much for their skin to handle. So, this time I came up with a gentler solution for those with a more sensitive skin. As said, it will all be from the same source, we will be using the Kiwi Infused Water as a face mask! 

Items You'll Need...

Really, the only thing you will need is just this Compressed Facial Mask, or I call it the face mask tablets. Lols, yes, it does look like candy or pills but I assure you, these babies are a great investment because you can pretty much turn anything into a face mask. Also, when I open a pack of face mask that I bought outside, they usually will have extra 'juice' left in the pack when you take the mask out. I will always pop in one of these tablets to soak up the excess and keep the pack in an air-tight container for a round two mask session the next night. Cool right, what a way to save money! 

However, it's not the easiest thing to find these days because it's usually only something facial salons will use. You won't be able to find them in our usual beauty hot spots such as Watsons or Sasa, even if you found them, it won't be as cheap as they sell in beauty wholesalers store. I got mine from a beauty wholesaler or beauty salon product distributor outside GM Klang. You can also try finding it from Magicboo Beauty, they have tons of stores located in Malaysia. Just google and you can find one near you. 

They have different quality and cuts of compressed mask that makes some more expensive than the others. Though, it should probably cost around RM 3-5 for a pack of 10-12 tablets. 

Prepare a small container that is big enough to allow the mask to expand upon soaking up the water. Ice is optional, it's just to make it cooler on my face that can probably help with puffiness and calms the skin of any inflammation. 

It's quite a relaxing mask to apply because as compared to a full on kiwi fruit mask which has an exfoliating quality, this is much more of a gentle moisturising mask. Plus, vitamin A helps in skin repairing while vitamin C combats free radicals and helps even out skin discolouration and brown spots. 

*Warning, always check if you are allergic to Kiwi. This mask is not for you if you are. 

#3 Delicious Smoothie!

Because it's all natural with no preservatives, it's best to only keep the infused water in the fridge for at most 3-5 days. Though, I would suggest that you take out the kiwi from the infused water once it has gone through the overnight process so the water will still look pleasantly clear to keep in the fridge. 

Of course, it would be a waste to throw away the leftover kiwi fruits. Why not make it into a smoothie with some of the infused water?! No wastage genius. What I did was just blend them with my magic bullet, add some honey and more kiwi fruit pieces for some bite. Delicious snack of all time! 

How do you like to use your kiwi fruits?


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Looks awesome, I am a huge kiwi lover myself so I'll be sure to incorporate kiwi in many more ways! :)

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