Tuesday, November 25, 2014

miacare CONFiDENCE Silicone Hydrogel Colour Daily Soft Contact Lens [Review + Giveaway]

I've wearing MiaCare CONFiDENCE Daily Lenses for the past week and I have to say, I truly enjoy the experience. It's seriously amazing. I can wear them all day and most of my night without any problems! And it's quite natural looking, doesn't make you look too dolly or like you are trying too hard to make your eyes look bigger. 

miacare is a Taiwanese brand that recently launched in Malaysia with an aim to achieve the perfect balance between beauty and health. The company has invested heavily in research and development to increase the level of comfort, improve safety, as well as enhance health features such as boosting oxygen transmissibility, which is a total plus point for long hours contact lens wearer like me. 

Thanks to its EautraSil Hydrophilic Silicone Technology, it has a Dk/t 150 that boost oxygen transmissibility makes it so much healthier for our eyes for it allows six times more oxygen to pass through the lens to the cornea than other regular contact lenses. So more comfortable and longer wearing time for us! Miacare lenses are also great because it's solvent-free, thus irritant free and allergic reaction-free, making it safe for most users. 

miacare is a subsidiary company of BenQ Materials Corporation in Taiwan. BenQ Materials (originally named as Daxon Technology Inc.) was established in 1998 with its headquarter located in Taoyuan Taiwan. It started as an optical storage manufacturer but in recent years, they gradually change its core business to material science field. They are known as the World's No.4 polarizer manufacturer. 

If you can see, the unique dot pattern design is tailor-made for Asian eyes. It helps to make it look more natural on the eyes while leaving plenty of room for oxygen passage. FYI, they are the World's First Silicone Hydrogel Circle Contact Lens in Malaysia!

Miacare CONFiDENCE Silicone Hydrogel Colour Daily Soft Contact Lens comes in two colours, Black and Brown. If coloured lenses are not your thing, they also do have Silicone Hydrogel Daily in clear. Just check out their www.miacare.com.my or Facebook.com/MiaCareContactLens for more information. 

I'm really extremely satisfied with this contact lens. Especially with my sensitive eyes, it's nice to know that I don't have to bring an extra pair of contact lens to change in between events, activities or shoots on a super long day of work. I'm so planning to try their clear ones too. You can already find this brand available in most optical outlets such as Focus Point, Better Vision, MOG, Paris Miki, Optique, Opulance and etc. You may located the nearest store near you through their store locator


I'm truly grateful that MiaCare is giving three (3) of my readers a chance to try this amazing contact lenses! Each will receive two (2) boxes of miacare CONFiDENCE worth RM100! What are you waiting for, JOIN NOW! :D


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Princess Neverland said...

Hello JQ! Thank you for the awesome giveaway and hope that I'm the lucky one!

Full Name: Princess Neverland

LauraLeia said...

Macam everybody also reviewing this lens! I also want to try :P

Laura Lee

Jason said...

Here's my name and email JQ!
Name: Jason Liew Yan Wei
E-mail: liew_yanwei_05@hotmail.com

Hope to win the miacare CONFIDENCE silicone Hydrogel daily contact lens! :)

Unknown said...

Full Name: Samantha Leong Pei Tee
Email Address: samanthalpt@yahoo.com

WeeN said...

I stopped wearing coloured contacts because they are quite drying to the eyes, but now I'm very interested to try miacare!

Thanks for the review and thanks for having the giveaway!

Wee Nee Angeline

Mieza Everdeen said...

really impressed with Miacare brand's progress in bringing out new products! the contact lenses' design is so pretty ^_^

name : Mieza Everdeen
email : trisy7@gmail.com

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snowmint said...

Miacare seems to be getting a lot of great reviews. Would love to try them out and experience how comfortable they are myself. And thanks for the lovely give-away!~

Name: Alicia Yeoh
Email: hayleymaris@gmail.com

m31m31 said...

I love Miacare contact lenses and I personally gained confidence in this Taiwanese brand.

Name: Daisy
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Sabrina Tajudin said...

Thank you for this giveaway!

Sabrina Tajudin

Unknown said...

Full Name: Sally Yatiey
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Unknown said...

Hey babe! ;) Hopefully I'm one of ze lucky ones! x

Full name: Alison Chang Ern Tze

Unknown said...

Hello JQ!
Would love to try the lenses as I mostly wear my lenses more than 12 hours daily, and it gets so dry and my eyes would be red at the end of the day :(

Full Name: Carrie Anne Long Shuit Har
Email: carriedragongirl@yahoo.com

Unknown said...

Hi,JQ,thanks for this awesome giveaway!hope i will win!
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Unknown said...

Hi,JQ!thanks for this awesome giveaway!hope i will win!
Full name: Yip Ee Hui
Email address:helenyeh87@gmail.com

Unknown said...

Hi, JQ, thanks for this awesome giveaway!hope i will win
Full name: Yip Ee Hui
Email address: helenyeh87@gmail.com