Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Kif Valentine - CIRCLE Live in Malaysia 2014 Concert!

It was an honour to witness World Champion , World Class Harmonica Maestro 1st grand solo concert last week. Hosted by MENICA, Circle Live in Malaysia 2014 is the first step to introduce this new generation of Malaysian instrumental idol. Kif Valentine had won numerous awards and had frequently been invited to participate in major events. 

Kif aims to break the stereotype of the public towards Harmonica Music by playing the Harmonica in various styles and rhythms, demonstrating the true charm of Harmonica Music. It's not as simple as it looks! 

The stage decoration were heavily invested upon with colourful lightings and LED effect. Kif kicks off with a series of upbeat country cowboy style music and gently mellow down to his few favourites pieces of love songs. He also took a step further by playing a wonderful melody in remembrance of MH370. Additionally, guest performer, Virus Wu, sang beautifully and Magician Ken Woo blew our minds with his amazing tricks. 

Go Kif Valentine!


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