Thursday, November 6, 2014

How Make A Swan Out Of A Kiwi Fruit?

Okay, it's not the prettiest swan but hey, it doesn't look all that bad right. :D It wasn't the easiest thing to do (for a non-cook/ no artistic skill like me). I have to admit this was the second swan I've made, the first one was pretty as a first attempt but looking back, it was just plain ugly once my skill got better. 

All you need are: 
Knifes that you are comfortable with
2 Kiwi fruits
1 Toothpick

If you look at a kiwi properly, they have two sides. Pick the flatter side so you will have a bigger top to work with and a more stable base. Also, this works best with kiwis that are not so ripe because the fruits is not too soft to work with. 

Pictorial Guide

Part 1: Body

  1. Cut both ends of the Kiwi fruit.
  2. Pick the centre and cut a tiny V shape down the fruit with one end pointed as the tail. 
  3. From the centre, cut another V shape outwards. Angle your knife will make it easier.
  4. Push them towards the back to check if it's okay.
  5. And cut another V shape outwards. Push again to check the shape. 
  6. Roughly measure the sides for the wings. 
  7. Push it all back it so you can have a better hold while trying to cut the wings out. 
  8. Pull out the wings.
  9. and push everything out in shape. 

Nobody touch me!

Move it to a plate and tadaaa..... By this time, people better not mess with me cause I've put so much effort into crafting the body. It feels so fragile, as if one touch it will crumble like a delicious soft cookie. 

Part 2: Head

  1. Slice another kiwi on the elongated side. The thicker your centre is, the thicker the head will be, the strong the head will stand but the uglier the head will look. LOLS.
  2. Cut out the shape of a head. Do you best alright. I choose to take away all the seeds for a cleaner look. 
  3. Roughly measure the head if it fits the body. 
  4. Carefully place a kiwi seed on the top of the head as its eye. 
  5. Place a toothpick at the centre of the body with an angle. #CucukSamaDia
  6. Carefully poke the neck through the stick. Go as close to the kiwi skin as possible cause that's where kiwi is the toughest. 

Pass or not? :D


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