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2013 BBT One Restaurant & Bar Klang [Food Review]

Woohoo, another fun night out with REAL food blogger! We talk, we laugh, we eat and be merry! This time around, the location was totally strategic for me. The food review was in Klang, I have no excuse to say no to their invitation.

BBT One is located just beside Premier Hotel, which is on the Bukit Tinggi side of Klang. The place always have ample parking space and I believe it's RM2 per entry. So it's super convenient.

The restaurant only opens at 4pm till late for now, they might be opening for lunch in the future. It's a very pub-ish feel to it but nevertheless, the food is actually really good. It has a mix of western meets eastern dishes, Asian fusion, some unique ones that you can't really find else where. Also, they somewhat have a new dish out every two days. Of course, they won't be able to keep updating the menu so it's highly suggested to keep updated on their Facebook page or ask the chef what is their latest signature dish.  

My Ice Lemon Tea.

Belacan Chicken Wings - RM13 
Regular portion comes in 3 wings and drummet. Nothing special to me, taste like regular nice fried chicken with a few kicks of belacan taste. I've tasted better fried chicken than this.

Potato Croquette with Lemon Sauce - RM14.80
It's pretty nice. Soft and smooth mashed potato, fried to perfection. The lemon cream sauce totally brings the flavour together. 

2013 Salad - RM18
DELICIOUS! Finally found something that's a similar mix of my favourite salad from Dave and Asian salad from Tony Romas. It has an asian balsamic sauce with chunks of BACON and prawn with hard boiled egg! The BEST COMBINATION EVAAAAAARRRRR!

Oven Baked Crab with Nyonya Sauce - RM18
It's not fully crab meat inside. It's mixed with minced pork and mushroom. It's a bit dry to eat it on its own, so it's a must to accompany this dish with the sauce to tie all the flavours together. 

Grilled Salmon with White Mushroom Cream Sauce - RM29.00
If you love salmon, you will love this. The fish is cook to perfection with an awesome piece of salmon skin cracker standing tall on the mash potato. It's a great dish.

Mutton Curry with Toasted Bread - RM29.00
Well, those who think they don't eat mutton will have to think again because there's really no trace of mutton smell in this dish. Plus, the mutton was crazy moist and tender, it almost takes no effort in chewing my food. Curry was mild, nothing too crazy. They just serve it with simple white bread but you can always call for rice separately.

Lamb Pasta (Mamak Style) - RM23.00
This is one dish I will never order when I first walk into the restaurant because naturally you will think, mee mamak... go mamak eat la. Though, I say this with much sincerity that if you have the chance, you must try this at least once cause it is definitely one of the most surprising dish I had the entire night. First of all, you won't find lamb in your mee mamak, and the lamb is just fantabulous. A good mix to the pasta. It also has that mee mamak taste and flavour but not too oily or spicy. It's more creamy in fact. It feel like a healthier version of your regular mee mamak. Btw, it's cooked with lard oil, so take note alright. 

JQ Pork Chop - RM20+
Lols, I'm innocent. The chef was just being really sweet :D I was just professing my love for pork and this happened.
The pork is marinated for 3 days because cooking it. It has an Asian twist to it, the invasion of lemongrass. Thus, it's a love hate dish because not everyone will love the taste of lemongrass no matter how mild it is. 

Lamb Pizza - RM32.00
OMGOSH, another MUST-TRY dish! Seriously, I've never been so happy with a pizza in my entire life. It has a super thin crust with delicious chunks of juicy lamb pieces scattered along with onions, capsicum and pineapple on a homemade tomato based sauce. Really, tomato based, I don't taste no tomato sauce, cause it's generously topped with tons and tons of cheese. I can't even brain this, it's absolutely wonderful.  

Green Passion Mocktail - RM25.00
They have a wide selection of mocktails, something for those who don't take alcohol.

Mai Tai cocktail- RM28.00
I prefer this, it's only 3 ringgit extra and it was a Saturday night, so why not. It's very floral and mandarin orange kind of asian cocktail. Btw, they do sell wines and liquor as well, you can park them at the restaurant for about 1 month.

Thank you 2013, lovely bloggers and a cool chef!

2013 BBT One Restaurant & Bar
Lebuh Batu Nilam 2,
Bandar Bukit Tinggi,
41200 Klang, Selangor.
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