Monday, October 20, 2014

Lipidol: Bringing Oil Into Daily Skin & Body Care [Review]

Lipidol is new in the market. They've recently launched six new skin and body care oils in Malaysia in September that includes Cleansing Face Oil, Cleansing Body Oil, After Shower Oil, Sunscreen Oil, After Shave Oil, and Overnight Face Oil.

In this blogpost, I will only be reviewing the Cleansing Body Oil (received at the launch) and After Shower Oil (bought by me).

Body Cleansing Oil (Left) and After Shower Oil (Right)

Why skin needs oil:
The outermost layer of the skin is an oily layer. Its purpose is to hold moisture in the skin; an important function because moisture facilitates enzyme activity, which in turn leads to healthy, radiant skin. There are however occasions when moisture does escape. The main culprit is daily washing with soap, which strips away the skin's oily layer. Another is a dry climate, which draws moisture from the skin into the outside air. Also, as the skin ages it produces less oil and it becomes harder to hold moisture in the skin. It is not possible to replace lost moisture by applying moisture to the skin as the skin's moisture comes from within. The advantage of using oil in everyday skincare is that the skin's natural oily layer is continually supplemented.

My Opinion: 
I'm still adjusting my mindset about oils for skin. My face don't seem to like it that much but my body is slowly getting comfortable with the idea of having these two products around. 

The Cleansing Body Oil (200ml) has a mild citrus scent due to the lime essential oil in it. I just apply it straight onto my wet skin as it will turn milky once the oil comes in contact with water. It doesn't lather like a usual shower cream or gel but still managed to make me feel clean after rinsing while keeping my skin feeling rather soft. However, 200ml for a shower product is way too little for everyday home use, especially when it's for the body. Thank God so far I'm the only one using, if I share with my family member, it would have been gone in 10 days. Though, it's the perfect size for traveling or bringing it to your gym and sleepovers. 

I bought the After Shower Oil (175ml) because I love to try almost any moisturiser for my body since I pretty much use them after every shower. I'm very generous with moisturising my body because they are just as important as your face, equally need maintenance. This comes with Chamomile essential oil, the scent is none existence when I put my nose over it. I can't smell nothing of chamomile. Yes, it does absorbs quite well and fast but if you pour out too much, you will definitely feel oily. So go slow and steady with this. I think this is quite worth buying if you are looking for a new body moisturiser. 

For both products, the scent doesn't stay on the skin at all. All Lipidol products cost RM24.90 each. Yup, they made it all the same price. Interesting right. Also, their packaging are simple in clear bottles, sealed in plastic wrappers, moving away from using boxes. At the moment, Lipidol is exclusively available in Guardian store. 

Do I like it or not? I don't know, I'm pretty neutral about it, not overly crazy about it. Feels like just another product to use. 


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