Monday, October 27, 2014

Horien Eye Secret Colour Lenses [Advertorial]

How do you like my eyes? Lols, yes, as much as I do love my natural light brown eyes, being a typical girl, I do like to spice things up. Giving yourself a makeover is always fun, changing up styles and making yourself look different is always an interesting process for me. 

Horien Eye Secret is new and one of the top contact lens brand in Taiwan and China. All products, including soft lenses, colour lenses, solutions and eye drops, are manufactured by a Taiwanese company call Yung Sheng Optical Co. Ltd. They have acquired a variety of certificates and remain in compliance with world standards and regulations. 

Monthly disposable Peacock Lace design (2pcs per box)

So, the special thing about this coloured lens is that it's produced with advanced "BMW Technology" or also known as Bio-Molecule 3D Wrap, where the paint on the lens will not have direct contact to your eyes. With this possibility, it makes it safer to wear for longer hours. 

Their lenses are made out of a material call Polymacon with Water Content of 38% which helps to reduce water losses that makes it comfortable even after wearing them for a longer period of time. It also has a lens diameter of 14.00mm that suppose to make it look more natural and a bigger optical zone of 9mm for broader vision capability. 

Horien Eye Secret Colour Lens comes in daily disposable colour lens with Twinkle star design of 20pcs per box in black and brown while monthly disposable colour lens with Peacock lace design of 2pcs per box comes in black, brown, grey, coco, blue and purple. 

Here's the difference, with and without Horien Eye Secret Blue Lens...
With Horien Eye Secret Blue Monthly Disposable Lens

I truly love that it has a bigger optical zone because many times, other coloured contact lenses tends to block my vision, especially if it get dry and starts moving every time I blink. Thank goodness this has not happen to me with this particular lens yet. Also, I love that the lens adhered well to my eyes almost immediately because I sometimes do have issues with coloured lenses do not position themselves properly when I first popped them in. I'll have to wait for about 5-10 minutes and a couple of blinks for them to get it right around the iris.  

I personally think the colour is super vibrant which may not constitutes as the most natural looking coloured lenses, especially if they are colours like blue and purple. If you are looking for something more natural, try their neutral tones such as the black, brown or coco. 

Wondering where you can get Horien Eye Secret Lenses, find the nearest store here!

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LauraLeia said...

First time hearing of this contact lens brand, but it sounds good. I love the design, so pretty! :D

LauraLeia said...

Oh btw, any info regarding the prices? :)

JQLeeJQ said...

@Laura, no news on the price. I think you will have to check with them directly. :) The colour is really very vivid, lols, I was shocked when i first put on.