Sunday, October 26, 2014

Bourjois Paris 123 Perfect CC Cream & CC Eye Cream [Review]

I'm not the biggest fan of BB and CC creams. I always feel that they do not give enough coverage but they are great for those days when your skin already looks good but just needed a touch of magic to even up the skin tone. Also, when Bourjois came out with a CC cream for eyes, tang tang tang, too interesting to forego. Just had to test them out.

First of all, this is definitely one of the most hydrating CC cream I've ever used. It's so hydrating to the point I felt almost too slick for me if I overuse it. I had to truly control how much I use with this, unfortunately, having it in a squeezy tube form is not helping much with control. I had to make sure that the nozzle is not facing downwards or I will probably be left with nothing by the end of my application.

However, I can't denied that it definitely helps in giving me an even skin tone while at the same time making me look fairer (comparison picture at the end). However, I will only suggest people with dry skin to try this, especially if you love to have dewy skin. Though, be on your toes with this as I feel that it made my skin a little oily at the end of the day. Not the best for photography but looks alright in person. To counter this issue, just place a piece of tissue over your face and pat with your fingers gentle to absorb the excess oil.

Shades available: 31 Ivoire (should be my shade), 32 Beige Clair and 33 Beige Rose.
Price: RM51.90 (30ml)

This product is the one that really intrigued me. It is more hygienic to have a soft silicone tip and with an angle cut to it makes dotting on the under eyes easier. Though, as you can see, it gets dirty. Lols. So clean them out ladies to prevent it getting stuck. I would say that the formula is just a little thicker than the CC face cream and I highly suggest you to select maybe one shade lighter than the CC cream (if they have good selection of shades) because naturally, it suppose to highlight your under eye, to make them look brighter, for you to look more awake. 

My mistake was that I have them both in the same colour, which defeats the purpose. So I will only use this CC eye cream when I'm using a slightly darker or yellow undertone foundation. Other than that, this CC eye cream is as creamy as the CC cream, almost too slick too. So just be aware on how much you are using it. 

Shades available: 21 Ivoire (should be my shade) and 22 Beige Clair. 
Price: RM35.90 (1.5ml)

I don't love or hate these CC cream. It's not a bad product, just that it needs time to get used to and know how to work with it. Especially the CC cream, there was one week that I became so accustomed to it that I just naturally picked it up to use it everyday.


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Myra said...

Hey! I saw your photo on Bourjois MY Instag! So pretty~
I tried these line at the Watsons KLCC the other day but unfortunately even the darkest shade is still lighter than my skin. Hmm..
How about the 123 Foundation? Have you tried it? It's stated there that it's foundation and concealer in 1. Would love to to medium to high coverage once in awhile.
Mira |

Mieza Everdeen said...

omg I couldnt agree more! i love this cc cream because of how awesome it made my skin look after application, but i despise the oiliness. I have to blot my face with tissue paper like 3 times while I am wearing it. But I still cant let this cc cream go, i kept on going back to it. it is my most epic love-hate relationship.

StreetLove said...

The CC Cream on me is different. It's matte upon application and my face stays matte though. But understandably we all have different skin and product do react differently regardless what skin type. The coverage is amazing.

JQLeeJQ said...

hello @nuraini! Sorry to hear that you can't find your shade. BB & CC creams have the tendency to be much lighter and fewer shades. Unfortunately no, I have not tried the foundation but I'm sure it has a much coverage compared to this CC cream. :)

@Mieza, Totally!!!! I know how you feel.

@Streetlove, Yeah cosmetics and skin care is always like that, we always have to try it for ourselves to judge if we like it or not.