Sunday, October 26, 2014

A Great Night With Somersby And Friends!

In a nutshell...

I prefer Somersby Apple over Somersby Pear cider. Almost always.

I finally found time to catch up with my tall, dark macha from another family after 5 long years. So much had happened, I'm glad to be able to talk and seek advice from him again. Thanks for coming out to join me bro.

Oasis Ara Damansara is actually quite beautiful at night.

I realised Tom, Dick and Harry's food is quite good! Except nachos, I had better.

Porky fries = Luncheon meat cut in fries shape. 
I'm so remaking it!

Had the most sinful dessert ever, FRIED MARS BARS + Ice cream = GIVE ME MORE!

Catch up with a couple of blogger friends that I've not seen in almost ages. Except for Jess Lee, of course. It was definitely nice to see Jessicat, Ah Bok and Evelyn again.

Fell in love with APU band. They play the best and most unique music ever! Totally entertaining. Had the most fun when the band was live.

Thanks Somersby for an amazing night!

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