Wednesday, September 17, 2014

ZA Gel Eyeliner [Review]

Everyone will love this. It has been a while since I've used such an awesome retractable eyeliner. It's the blackest black you could find, it's glides on smoothly and it's long lasting. I had the best time using this ZA Gel Eyeliner. 

If there's one thing that I have to find fault with, it would be the tip, it's too rounded. I've read some other reviews saying that the kohl/pencil is flat, so far, for mine, it's rounded no matter how I see it. So it gets tricky for me if I'm looking to do a precise wing out look. 

Apart from that, this is great for lining your inner, water lines and in-between the lashes. Mostly I just use this to do natural liner look and the puppy eye liner look. Whatever look it is, I'm always confident that this won't smudge or fade on me. 

Usually, super pigmented and long lasting liner is a bitch to remove. Surprisingly, not this. While I won't say it's the easiest to remove but it's not that hard to remove either. Of course, when I'm saying this, I meant it's not tough removing using a makeup remover. 

They comes in two shades, Real Black and Deep Brown. It's only available in October 2014 at RM26.90 each. 


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LauraLeia said...

I haven't tried anything by ZA in ages, but I think I've gotta check this out when it's released. :D

Sabrina Tajudin said...

My favourite products from ZA are their foundation and concealer. gotta try this! looks nice!

JQ LEEJQ said...

@laura, I don't have a big thing for ZA products but so far I have good luck with their cosmetics. Not a big fan of their skincare and foundation though.

JQ LEEJQ said...

@sabrina Yeah their concealer is amazing too!