Monday, September 22, 2014

What You Should Be Doing After Your Bleached Hair Colour Fades But Don't.

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You know how we all get excited when we walk out of that salon with a fresh new hair colour and we swear that we will take good care of it with good colour shampoo and etc? Yup, I'm sure you did a very good job at trying to keep your coloured hair last as long as you could. Until the colour starts to fade, the hair care excitement fades along with it too. Most of us would probably go back to whatever, as long as it keeps our hair clean. 

Unfortunately, the fact is that faded colour hair season is the time that you should really put more effort into treating your hair. Think of it as like a wonderful staycation with spa that you needed after a long, hard month. Treat your hair with respect, especially after bleaching, so you won't have to complain about it ends splitting on you.

SYOSS Moisture Intensive Care

I've been trying out the SYOSS Moisture Intensive Care range for a few weeks now. I immediately switched to this kit once I realised my hair colour had almost completely faded. SYOSS is a brand by Schwarzkopf and Henkel, thus you know that it's quite a professional brand. 

It's not one of those flowery scented shampoo, it smells like the shampoos you salon uses. Literally. Not particularly calming but not quite off-putting either. Let's just say, it has a shampoo smell. The best part is, the rest of the product that comes along with it smells just like that. 

What I truly like about this range is that it contains Pro-Cellium Keratin, a highly efficient formulation developed by top Japanese hairdressers to strengthens hair fibres from within. Ultimately, help to keep those brittle and frizzy hair tamed while providing moisture back to that dry set of hair. 

What I do is that I mask my hair every week. Okay, I lied, I try to do my DIY hair treatment once every week. If I can't, I never go further than once every two week. It's essential. On regular days, shampoo and condition as usual. 

Now, let's talk Glossy Jelly. It's quite fun to use it if you need something quick to keep those unruly, flying ends intact. Especially those who layer their hair, you know what I mean. It makes my hair looks neater whenever I needed to look proper. It does leave a little sticky feeling on your palms but not on your hair if you use it wisely. If you want that wet look, you can try this too. Btw, it's very runny, so handle the tube with care. 

Syoss hair care swatches
SYOSS Moisture Intensive Care


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Rin said...

Too true! I tend to wake up some days and just cringe because I have to wash my hair and doing it carefully takes up too much 'extra' time. I probably should just laminate a "Hair Care Ethos" and tape it to my bathroom wall.

The products look quite interesting, I especially have my eye on the Glossy Jelly as flyaways are the bane of my existence. The fact that this was formulated by Japanese hairdressers is great for those who have Asian hair as well~ Thanks muchly for the blog post, JQ! Hope to read more from you soon. ^^

xoxo Rin
Fuurin Diary

JQLeeJQ said...

@Rin, HAHA. I think I should tape that to my bathroom wall too! Thanks for your support :D See you soon!