Monday, September 8, 2014

Wednesday Nights @ Laundry

So I was spending a girly day out with my friend and decided to head on to Laundry Bar at The Curve. Wednesday nights are Cover Me nights, where you'll be able to enjoy music covers from famous songs. Cover songs can be rather fun, maybe because I like the idea of being able to sing along just like a karaoke session. Lols. 

Of course, we ordered some cocktails and food. I won't say I like it all but there are some items that were pretty impressive.


Midori Sour RM18.90
Wished it was more sour.

Tokyo Rose RM16.90
This is under the oriental cocktail section and it's filled with sakee, peach liquer, orange juice and cranberry juice. Taste mostly like mandarin orange, as oriental as it gets. 

Grape Delight RM21.90
Filled with Absolut kurant, creme de cassis, red wine, maraschina liquer. The straw is provided for a reason, I used it to take in most of the red wine at the bottom. With the ice on the top layer, really makes the wine felt super cold especially from the first sip. Interesting experience.

Sex On The Beach RM26.90
One of the classic cocktail and 2nd bestseller in Laundry. It compose of Absolut vodka, creme de cassis and midori. Not too bad, quite a nice drink. Though I still prefer Long Island, their bestseller cocktail that I've tried previously.

Now when it comes to food, I will have to rave about these two. Seriously some of the best finger food on earth! I was extremely surprised by it. Though, you might think that they are bit costly but once the plate comes, you will go "okay, that's a lot".
Cajun Curly Fries RM13.90
Sorry McD, you've lost to Laundry. The curly fries are absolutely amazing and the best part is, it is not seasonal. So you can get it whenever you want.

Cajun Fried Chicken Wings RM26.90
Winner, winner, chicken dinner. If you like heat, you will be excited to try this. Plus, it was just perfectly seasoned and the chicken is tender. Really, really yummy!

If you are interested to have a laid back session after work and listen to live music, wednesday and thursday nights is for you. Friday and Saturday nights are mostly just DJs, if you like to party, those nights are for you. :) 

Check out who's playing what an when at Laundry Bar here >


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