Saturday, September 6, 2014

TERMINUS - Creative Yet Functional Bags!

Travelling is fun but it can be tough and tiring. Thus, why make life harder with bags that are unreliable? Especially the hand-carried ones, it's tricky to find the one. 

Terminus is a homegrown brand that thinks out of the box. They focus their designs on the 5 Fs: 


Sounds promising right?

By the way, they were having a massive sale during Merdeka period. Sorry if you've missed it.

I guess the coolest thing about this brand is that they actually show off their designers. It's nice to know a little more about the bag that you buy because it adds more of a personal touch to it. They may not be famous like Jimmy Choo or Michael Kors but it's nice to put a name and face the designer behind that bag that you really like. 

Terminus is definitely not your ordinary bag provider. They offer creative packing solution for today's digital, on-the-go lifestyle with innovative features for our gadgets and the latest styles for diverse activities. So whether you're sophisticated, professional or active in life, you will find one that's interestingly useful. 

Let's see a few items that are quite a conversation starter.

#1 5-in-1 Transformer

Clearly, all of us wanted this. It may looked like a normal luggage but it splits into two like an Amoeba. This is super handy for people who always goes on business trips because the front layer is for your to put all your documents, laptops and etc, while the back is specially made for clothes and other necessities for your trips. However, as cool as it looks, most women may still feel that this is too small, at least I feel it is because even if it's just an overnight thingy, I have the habit of packing my whole room with me. Though, I truly believe most men would appreciate this. 

#2 A Bright Tote Bag

Switch off the lights please because I'm opening my bag! Jokes aside, this baby seriously lights up from the inside every time you open it. You know how we ladies sometimes have a hard time finding for those smaller items that got unnoticeably swallowed by your hand bag and conveniently you are in a dark environment that doesn't help make things any easier, yup, this bag is made specially for that scenario. Life's getting better huh. It runs on AA battery if Im not mistaken and it has a secure compartment for it so you won't feel the batteries are bothering the other items in your bag. Also, you can choose to switch the lights off whenever you feel you don't need it. 

#3 Pillow Laptop Bag

Awwww, how thoughtful, a laptop carrier disguising itself as a pillow so we can not only protect our precious laptop but also allow us to comfortably lay our heads on it. You've got to admit, that's pretty dope. Just like all of their bags, it's pockets and zips everywhere. I hereby declare them as the King of Compartments, being organised is finally made easy for humble peasants like us.  

A little kodak moment...

My final pick...

Maybe it was just meant to be, an orange pillow to fit my bright outfit of the day. It wasn't my first or second choice but the more I see it, the more I fell in love with it because I really don't have anything like this in my closet full of bags. It's going to be fun when people starts getting jealous of my "pillow" on road trips. xD

TERMINUS boutique is now in One Utama Shopping Mall at Lot S213A, 2nd Floor, New Wing (Opposite F.O.S) 

For more info, visit TERMINUS Facebook page or website

*This is a sponsored post. However, all opinion remains my own.

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