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Shu Uemura The Beauty Art Make-Up Competition 2014 Finals - Brave Beauty

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This is the first for Shu Uemura to hold the annual makeup competition finals in public since 1972. This competition has gone beyond the contest of makeup techniques, it's meant to inspire, motivates and excites all artist with unlimited possibilities of creativity with makeup. 

shu uemura Brave Beauty Collection
shu uemura Brave Beauty Collection

This year's competition theme is Brave Beauty. It pays tribute to strong, fearless, rebellious, feminity, nuturing your nature, and empowering your sould with uber-chic rock point. It's also in conjunction with the new launch of vision of beauty collection first edition of a new annual project by shu uemura ATELIER to express shu uemura's new vision and endless pioneering spirit. 

Four finalist competing on stage at Mid Valley Centre Court to grab the chance of being crowned as the winner of Novice categories. 

shu uemura Brave Beauty final look
Final Look

Winner For 2014 Novice category are...

Grand Prize Winner - Orengji Chong 
My inspiration comes from the women of the red Indian tribes of America. No matter how dangerous their circumstances may be, they will still bravely protect the people around them. The design of the eyeliner ink is attributed to their belief of the power they are granted by past ancestors to protect their family and loved ones.  

First Runner Up - Kimberly Lye 
As they say, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. To me, bravery is the continuous effort to improve ourselves and trying things we have never tried before. I used pink to represent a girl's brave heart. The blue stands for freedom. We have to keep on improving ourselves and our skills in any fields of interest to become a successful woman. Just like the unique shade of Purple.    

Second Runner Up - Vyxvern Chong
Bravery is not just exclusive to men. The modern women can have it too, and it is something admirable. Some women and girls may be facing difficulties in life, but they should shoulder it bravely and never be shy or afraid. In my makeup I use the colour Red, underneath the eyes, symbolizing Courage covering shyness and fear. The purple eye shadow symbolizes nobility whereas the eyeliner speaks of elegance in handling the ups and downs of life.

Consolation Prize - Carmen Lim
The colour Purple is often characterized as Mysterious. I believe most women is as such, mysterious, on the inside. The red & pink shades on top blending into the purple eyeshadow symbolizes women, being active, energetic and enthusiastic yet at the same time, still gentle and sweet. The white eye shadow gives a sense of elegance. The black eyeliner helps bring out determination and blue hues on the eyelashes completes the overall beauty.

I should probably ooze a little more bravery in beauty. :) 
Time to get inspired!


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