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RMK Power Of Love 2014 Autumn Winter Collection

To be able to preview this beautiful new collection with my own eyes, is truly a fun experience. RMK's new 2014 Autumn Winter collection represents the two opposite sides of a woman, strong yet sensitive, kind yet tough. As women, we wear many faces, especially in this era where we are also competing in the working world. Thus, present two textures, matte and shining, in this collection allows women to express our versatile mood. Combining elegance with strength through the subtle contrasts of colour and light, natural beauty emerges no matter what mood are we in.  

Here're the full collection of RMK Power of Love 2014 Autumn Winter Collection.

Matte Shiny Cheeks (Limited Edition)

I personally would say that this is the highlight of the entire collection. It's extremely gorgeous to stare with amazing colour contrast. Although, I'm not too excited about the exterior of the heart shape being so glittery. It's pretty but I'm not a big fan of glittery cheek products. Fortunately, the matte heart shape is quite big, so I could still use a smaller brush to just pick up the inner part of the blush. 

Comes in 4 shades: 
Natural Bronze - bronzer with a natural finish
Bright Orange - gives a healthy, vibrant look
Light Pink - a soft look with a brilliant highlighter for that urbane look
Dark Bronze - bronzer with a sweet but sexy touch

Matte Shiny Eye Pencil (Limited Edition)

This pencil offers a matte crayon end and a felted applicator end for a bright shining finish. The crayon is smooth but not as pigmented as it looks but buildable. While the crayon gives more definition to the eyes, the layer of powder provides a luxuriant sheen. 

Comes in 6 shades: 
Green Black
Grayish Brown
Shiny Black

W Eyebrow (Powder) and W Eyebrow (Pencil) 

Personally, I love this the most because somehow, they managed to put 3 different types of eyebrow items, the pencil, the powder and the spoolie brush, into a pen size. How convenient is that?! :D It's also awesome that you can customise according to what pencil you want to what powder you want. My only concern is that I'm not sure if all of it sold separately or comes in one. I guess you can find that out by dropping by their counters. 

3 Shades for each: 
Powder: Dark Brown, Mocha Brown, Light Brown
Pencil: Gray, Dark Brown, Olive Brown

Matte Mascara (Limited Edition) 
Apparently, this mascara is matte. I'm not sure how matte it is from other mascara but it's cool. The formula is pretty neat, it's the wet kind but surprisingly not too heavy, which means it doesn't weigh down my lashes. Plus point! Additionally, it also comes with Royal Jelly extract that help treats and moisturises your lashes. 

Comes in 4 shades:

Nail Color EX (Limited Edition)

Of course, what collection will be complete without nail polishes. The coolest part is that they have both matte and shining finishes! Technically I really most like matte nail polishes for this season, they just look so much more sophisticated. As the picture shown above, the glittery ones (Red and Nude) are matte. 

Comes in 5 shades: 
Shiny: Navy, Burgundy, Pink
Matte: Red and Beige

Here are the other products from the collection that wasn't really something that I would shout about...

Ingenious Powder Eyes N 
Navy and Burgundy
I have to say I do fancy the Navy-greenish eyeshadow :D 

[Right] Shiny Sheer Gloss (Limited Edition)
Shades: Carol, Rose and Dark Beige
To me, they are just a super glossy, lipgloss.

[Left] Eyebrow Gel
Well, erm, eyebrow gel

Ingenious Powder Cheeks N
Shades: Orange Gold and Pink Gold
As you can see, they have gold shimmers in them. I love gold and the colours but again, not a big fan of too much shimmer on my cheeks for a natural look.

Powder Eyebrow N (New)
Not too bad, the three shades makes it easier for your to achieve a more gradient eyebrows that can give more definition but in a natural-looking way. 

This was the eye look that the makeup artist did for me and damn, it looks amazing. I love how she took her time with my lashes. It's so naturally curled up. Goodness, I can't get over it. Tried to do it at home and I'm getting the same effect. Lols.

Have a great day!

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