Thursday, September 25, 2014

Melvita L'Argan Bio Body Cream [Review]

Organic body oil in cream

Fact Number One - It's the only body moisturising substance I apply ever since I started using it. I'm already half way through it. I'm definitely going to mourn once its all gone. May the Lord multiply it for the better of my skin. Unfortunately, it's neither amoeba or bread. The only way it will multiply itself is me buying more of these.

I think most of you know that I apply body lotion like a mad woman because my skin gets extremely dry after shower, I can't help it, it has become a routine. When I got this last month, I seriously felt that this pot is too small and true enough, I'm going through it like pouring water on my body. I foresee it to be gone in about another month or so.

pot of body cream

The consistency of this cream is quite runny but it does apply on like a cream, leaving white marks if you don't massage it in properly. The scent is quite heavenly, it contains notes of benzoin and Virginian cedar that comes together over a base of jasmine, wisteria, vineyard peach, bergamot and orange. Extremely therapeutic at night, helps me to sleep better.

We all know how Melvita does an amazing job with their oils and we all know that argan oil is great for replenishing dry and dehydrated skin while also assisting in restructuring skin to look firmer and plumper.

So if argan oil is so great, why incorporate it into cream? 

I think that it could be due to the fact that people are still quite reserved when we say "apply oil" onto skin as they are probably afraid of it being oily even though these cold-pressed oils absorbs really well into the skin. Cream however, sounds more acceptable to the society. So in this case having an Organic Body Oil-In-Cream... sells better? It's a possible.

Other than argan oil, this cream is also enriched with nourishing sunflower oil and protective beeswax. It's non-comedogenic, 99% total ingredients from natural origin and 24% total ingredients from Organic Farming. They also suggest doing light exfoliation during bath time for better absorption of this cream.

Available in Melvita Boutiques and online store at at RM103 for 175ml.


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