Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Enchanteur Paris New EDT Collection: The First Whiff of Romance


Enchanteur Paris is known for its range of unique, French-inspired Floral Fruity fragrances and body care products for the modern, young and romantic ladies. I myself have a a few (or more than I should) bottles of Enchanteur laying in my perfume collection.

The new EDT collection is the first range ever by Enchanteur created specially for the younger girls. Literally, young and much more -errrrr. Not my kind of young. Lols. #TryingToMakeAPoint

It comes in three enchanting fragrances that are elegantly presented in a dainty heart shaped glass bottle which illustrates the first feeling of romance that is so pure and unrepeatable. See what I mean by way younger? It's presented in lovely pastels with each package represents its own personality of young girls experiencing infatuation. The signature heart and crown embellished on the boxes connotes that she is the precious one in his heart due to charming personality. This feels like Taylor Swift in a box.

3 new EDTs for different young girls personalities

Describes: A fashionable girl who never leaves home without her handbag, lipstick and accessories to compliment her stunning dress.
For the: Energetic and lively.
Notes: Bergamot and passion fruit (Top), jasmine, freesia and rose (Heart), cedarwood and musk (Base)

Describes: A star that shines ever so brightly and stands out from the crowd.
For the: Sophisticated and effortlessly gorgeous.
Notes: Red berries, mangoes, pineapple and melons (Top), rose, muguet and gardenia (Heart) cedarwood and musk (Base)

Describes: The lovely, sweet girl waiting for her prince charming.
For the: Sweet and delightful.
Notes: Apples, gardenia and peach (Top), jasmine and freesia (Heart), french vanilla, musk and sandalwood (Base)

The Enchanteur Paris 35ml Eau de Toilette bottle size makes it easy to carry around in your handbag. Available only at RM17.90 per bottle.

Enchanteur Paris New EDT Collection
Girl in bright orange dress
I was probably too dressy and bright.

Dress - Vincci
Heels - Handmade by local designer


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