Saturday, September 13, 2014

A Night Out With REAL Food Bloggers At Life Cafe.

A Klang girl travelling all the way to Taman Segar, what was I thinking. It was a freaking long journey and Saturday night wasn't the friendliest hour when the shop was just opposite Cheras Leisure Mall. The funniest thing was that it was a food review, not my niche but my main purpose was to catch up with some friends and I'm glad I did because it was a night with good company. 

Life Cafe originally only focused on the art of Chinese tea but when the ownership changed in 1999, Taiwanese and local Sarawak cuisines were introduced into this once tea house now cafe restaurant. 

Even through the ambience and the surrounding of the cafe, you can see much usage of bamboo decor, tea pots and lanterns that heavily shows the Chinese or Taiwanese side of the place. When it comes to the menu, they have a wide variety of selection from vegetarian to noodles to rice and soup.

The fun part being around REAL food bloggers was that I can prepare to actually try everything. Literally, EVERYTHING, because they take their shit seriously. Lols. And we all have this common knowledge of not to chew on any food before everyone had their chance to take a good photo of it. I believe at the end of the night, we've probably ordered almost 85% of the entire menu. Fun times.

Flower Tea
Looks pretty but if you are not a tea drinker, you will hate how earthy this taste. Otherwise, you will know how to appreciate this like I do.

A variety of tea based drinks and juices
I would suggest to go for their tea based drinks, such as milk tea and bubble tea, since it's their specialty, tea. Most of us didn't really enjoy having their concentrated orange juice because for some reason they choose to add orange zest in it that ironically makes it odd.

Yes, we ordered all. Their soups were really, really good. I had no problem with either one of them but be aware of those ingredients that you might not like, such as mutton. Not everyone likes how it taste but I loved it. They also have the traditional Ten Treasure Herbal Chicken Soup and Ginseng Chicken Soup, so their soup section is quite a wide pick. 

We ordered a few but I personally only liked this fried dumplings. They had the steamed ones but nothing beats pan-fried dumplings. Gyoza FTW!

So when it comes to main course, they categories it into noodles, vermicelli, rice and vegetarian. Interesting how they didn't part it according to the type of meats. Among all the dishes I've tried, I highly suggest going for the noodles and vermicelli. To me, they don't taste like the regular noodles and vermicelli that sells in the hawker stall. It's different and might I say, delicious. 

Being a lousy "food" blogger, I can't remember the names of the food below but they are the ones that I would recommend. Sorry everyone, might I suggest you to show these pictures to the waiter if you wish to order them. They should know what is it call. 

Now, when it comes to desserts, they have a limited choice of toast and homemade desserts. For me, one dessert I missed the most would be the Black Sesame Toast. It was heavenly. Couldn't get enough of it.

Must Not Try - Peanut Cookies.
For the price of it, might as well you wait for Chinese New Year to come and order a whole container of it. 

Must try - Black Sesame Toast
As mentioned, LOVED IT! 

I ended my meal with coffee, being curious, why not try Sarawak coffee. Regretted it cause it taste much more like a latte than a strong, bold coffee taste. I do like the presentation though.

We had a special seating area. Shoes off! So Chinese.

Overall, it was a good night. They do have quite a few items that I would love to eat again, especially their noodles, vermicelli, soup and toast. It definitely wasn't your typical Chinese restaurant, their food is different and distinct from the rest. If you like Chinese cuisine, Life Cafe is a good choice if it's not too far for you.

Life Cafe (Opposite Leisure Mall)
55, Jalan Manis 4,
Taman Segar, 
56000 KL.
Opening hours: 11.30am-11.30pm (Daily)

*Thanks Jess for being photographer of the night xo, 

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Thanks.I has good times trying out the food. I like their soup... And have great time catching up with you too! Come Cheras next time I will bring you jalan Japan Cari makan