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Younger, Again.

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Age catches up pretty quickly without us even realising it. Stopping time would be one superpower that most of us yearn for, if they really exist and available to everyone. Since we can't buy time-stopping superpowers, I guess we'll just have to deal with it other ways.

Being in the beauty industry for so long, I've already accepted the fact that skincare products you use at home is just not enough. They are great for maintenance but there are just some things you'll need to visit beauty salons, for example a complete and detailed extraction, machines that you clearly don't own it in your house and of course, a pair of hands that aren't your own so that you can just relax from your hectic life.


Established in 1982, BELLA currently have 30 centres all over Asia including Singapore, Brunei, Hong Kong, Indonesia and of course, Malaysia. They're equipped with the most up-to-date facial and hair removal technologies and techniques, providing you with the best result. They have a team of qualified and professional skincare experts ready to assist you while you lounge in their cozy centre.

Bella Indiba Stem Cell System
Prepping the serum for demo
About Indiba Stem Cell System

This is the latest state of the art treatment that will help you to look years younger. It's a non-invasive facial treatment that works from within and offers aesthetic result to rejuvenate, firm and smoothen your skin. No downtime, pain-free and effective solution for cell regeneration and redefining facial contour. 

Proionic Action is a patented adipose derived condition media (growth factor) serum that is used together with the machine. It helps to stimulate and rebalance the ion cellular exchange that assist in cell recovery, improve skin elasticity and boost cell metabolism. 

Indiba Machine
Indiba Machine
Testing Indiba machine
Testing Indiba machine
Prep the skin with a few dots of serum
Prep the skin with a few dots of serum
Stimulating limp nodes on the face
Stimulating limp nodes on the face
The Process
  1. Double cleanse
  2. (Machine) Stimulate nine limp nodes on face and neck for better absorption and detoxification
  3. (Machine) Targets the epidermis (surface) for tightening and toning of the skin as well as better drainage. 
  4. (Machine) Targets the dermis (inner parts) where it will increase the fibroblast for collagen production and improving cell functions. This treatment is the stage where it balances the ions and energy at cellular level and increase skin integrity. 
  5. Finally, Stem C'rum Plus is applied and massaged thoroughly by hand to ensure nutrients are delivered deep into the layer. This is the process where therapist will place the Indiba rod on her arms which will transfer heat to her her palm while massaging your face. 
Transferring heat to the therapist palm while massaging face
Transferring heat to the therapist palm while massaging face
My Verdict: 

It's super relaxing and comfortable, as long as you make sure the heat is not too high for you. I have relatively low tolerance to heat apparently, my therapist told me I was the lowest among all the customers she had done. She did ask if she can amp up the heat cause it will be more effective and you'll be able to see better result but I think I was so comfortable with the massaging that I just don't want to screw my opportunity to relax. So I just told her to keep it as how I like it to be. So please voice out, therapist just wants your best interest at heart, they are not mind readers. They even took the rod gently massaging it over the eyes, I almost fell asleep, it was that comfortable. I went to BELLA Centre at Uptown Damansara and the place was decent, clean and very serene to my surprise because that area is usually havoc. For a young skin like mine, just a slight lifting and contouring around my jaw, smile lines and cheeks. I don't have double chin but this can really help to reduce that problem area. I think it really did give my skin a nice subtle glow, mostly probably due to the heat that improves blood circulation and serum that boost up collagen in my skin.  Overall, it was a really good and soothing experience. Loved it!

*This is a sponsored post but opinions are still all my own*

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