Sunday, August 24, 2014

Systema Spiral 0.02mm Toothbrush [Review]

I'm not one of those hygiene freaks that changes their toothbrush every three months. Yeah, I know, it's quite basic but I don't have bacteria in your mouth kinda OCD. I've always used a toothbrush till the bristles goes out of shape, that's when I will change my toothbrush. 

So when I got this toothbrush from the PR person, it took me sooooooo freaking long before I decided to use this. What can I say, I'm a loyal girl to my toothbrush. Lols, no really, this is such as overdue blogpost. 

Systema Spiral 0.02mm toothbrush claims to remove 40% more plaque without brushing hard, all thanks to the 0.02mm slim bristles as well as the 2-coloured hexagon shaped filaments that are twisted together to form spirals that enables its 6-shaped sides to scrap away plague on tooth surface more effectively. Oh yes, all these sounds super cool for a simple thing like toothbrush. 

Of course, let's be realistic, when you touch it with your fingers, it feels like a regular soft toothbrush. Come on, do you really expect to feel how the uneven the sides will be? Lols. Okay, let's get reviewing here. 

Holding the toothbrush is quite comfortable. The dark blue part at the centre is rubbery and soft, makes brushing your teeth with soapy wet hands feels stable. With a better grip, guiding the brush head feels more accurate when manoeuvring it in your mouth. 

The big woo-haa is when I actually put the toothbrush in my mouth to brush my teeth, the brush head is smaller that what I'm used to and the bristles are so, so, sooooooo soft and flexible. Even the neck of the toothbrush is crazy thin, like I didn't even open my mouth to brush my teeth. The experience was so weird, the good way kind of weird. 

After rinsing, it actually feels super clean. Not trying to promote it or what not but my teeth does feel much cleaner as compared to brushing with my regular toothbrush. It's quite surprising because I've always thought medium bristles toothbrush does a better job at cleaning your teeth, I guess I was wrong. 

This toothbrush may be a little too soft for those who are used to using medium or hard type of brush heads but I have to tell you that this is amazing for those with sensitive gums and experience gum bleeding everytime you brush your teeth. This can really help to promote a better gum care solution. 

Price: RM8.90

*Product was given but opinions remain my own

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Von said...

I got this too and I am loving the toothbrush to bits! Guess I'm gonna be their loyal fan too! :D