Monday, August 18, 2014

[JQTalks Vietnam] Hanoi Daewoo Hotel Review

If you are looking for a spacious hotel mixed with tropical-feel exterior and superbly quiet location in Vietnam, Hanoi Daewoon Hotel is the place to book for a relaxing family vacation.

The Room

I believe I was placed in a Grand Deluxe room and just by opening the door, I was already uttering "Wah". They were very generous with space, even for a simple Grand Deluxe room. I love that they have a separate table for work and vanity even though I know holidays are not meant for working. Though, for someone who likes to bring her laptop everywhere she goes, at least I have a proper place to put it without needing to compromise my beauty space cause as a girl I do travel with quite a lot of products. 

I also really appreciate the big bag station because if you are staying with another partner, most of the time one of you will need to take the floor. Not to sound spoiled, I don't mind having luggage on the floor but it's nice always to be able to go through your stuffs on an elevated station where you don't need to squat or bend too much.  

The one-door bathroom on the other than wasn't that spacious but it was a comfortable enough for one person at a time. It shouldn't be an issue because the toilet, sink and shower were all in one room, pretty much the traditional kind of hotel bathroom I would say. 

TV comes with pretty standard hotel channels such as vision tv and local channels, mostly were quite clear, some weren't. You can swivel the tv around, which is useful, especially when I was sitting at the work table and on the bed as it wasn't directly facing the bed.

Hotel rooms are always a challenge for doing makeup, this is no exception. Sometimes I will have to sit at the work desk to get the right lighting. 

The Environment

Again, really spacious. So much space like there's no such thing as getting over crowded in there. Love the resort-feel of the outdoor area. The tall palm trees and curved swimming pool makes it worthy for you to just lay down and chill. Breakfast was just 'meh'. Nothing really to shout about because it wasn't the 5-star hotel breakfast as it should be. 

If I were to come back...

I would like to just sit at my work desk and take some time to absorb my room view overlooking the Thu Le lake. I would also want to experience their Club Lounge breakfast for their regular buffet breakfast seem to be lacking in oomph.   

Book this hotel if...

You are vacationing as a family with kids. There's so much space everywhere for you, your family and your additional stuff that you bring for your kids.

Photos taken with Canon 600D
*Trip was sponsored by Vietnam Airlines

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