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Introduction To Dr.Brandt Skincare [First Impression]

It was a little bloggers gathering, introducing to us more about the few new products in the market by dr. brandt. Personally, this is my first time learning about this brand and I haven't really fully test any of their products before, so I will just tell you my first impression about some of these products. 

About dr.brandt
Tagline: take the doctor home with you

World renowned celebrity dermatologist Dr. Fredric Brandt has designed and formulated an innovative collection of skincare products that offer high-performance, targeted treatments without the need for a prescription or doctor's appointment. Developed at his prominent research institute, this technologically advanced line of professional products combines years of Dr. Brandt's scientific knowledge and clinical expertise with active botanicals for exceptional skincare that helps maintain radiant, healthy, age-less looking skin, always. 

Xtend Your Youth (XYY) 
This skincare set is made for those in their twenties, people like me with much concern about premature ageing. At this age, we are pretty much at our peak moment where we are most active and outgoing. Thus, no surprise that we are left to face with a whole lot of stress and environmental damages that can really harm our skin. 

XYY deploys a dynamic shield, boosted with antioxidant, moisturising and anti-stress ingredients that ensure active and long-lasting protection for your skin. Like our personal youth lifeguard. 

XYY Dual Fusion Water RM139
Antioxidant-packed make-up remover and cleansing water for face and eyes

It claims to be able to remove waterproof formulas but I'm quite sceptical about that. However, I really do like this product, it's light, it smells quite nice, it ain't oily, it would have been perfect for me to use it as a face makeup remover. As compared to the standard water, this dual fusion water formula won't disturb the pH balance of the skin. In fact, they can protect your skin from inflammation caused by environmental stressors and inhibit bacterial reactions. 

XYY Eye Cream RM159
Antioxidant eye cream that provides 12 hours of protection

This antioxidant eye cream claims to protect, hydrates and smoothes the eye area, providing 12 hours of protection from free radicals while smoothing fine lines and moisturising. It's paraben free formula promotes fresher, more youthful and rested skin around the eyes. It says to be fragrance free but I do feel that they have quite a strong clinical kind of scent, not off-putting, I personally quite like it but I know some people may thing is a bit too strong. Plus, it's a rather thick cream, dry skin individuals will love it. 15g of eye cream feels quite a lot, it's a good thing. Whether it works or not, I'm not sure but I have this product, so I will review it individually later on. 

XYY Face Cream RM229
Antioxidant face cream formulated with Dr. Brandt's A3 power

Again, an antioxidant-enriched moisturiser that works pretty much the same as the eye cream but is creamier and comes in a bigger bottle. The main ingredients that this face cream have but the eye cream doesn't are the murmuru (Amazon), shea (Africa) and kokum (India) butters. These are exotic botanical butters that composed of ceramids, to seal the cells and protect them, moisturises and protect against moisture loss, and protects skin from external aggressions. Although it absorbs quite well, I still feel its a bit too thick for people with oily skin. I don't have this product, so I can't fully test it out.

Do Not Age (DNA)
The second range that was recently launch is a set more for the mature skin. Well, the name itself is quite obvious and is all about the pearls babeh. Apparently, Madonna uses this to keep her skin feeling tight after applying more that she probably should. Lols, I'm not joking, she did actually said that in Harper's Bazaar. 

I personally not quite excited about this range as compared to the XYY, could be because this is not so much for me and I don't have all of the products (except for a deluxe sample of the Time Reversing Cream) but anywho, here's my first impression.

We purposely opened the bottle just to pop out this pearl ball.

But when you actually pump it out, it burst the pearl for right does of ingredients.

These are the results after using this serum

Do Not Age with dr. brandt transforming pearl serum RM499
This features an exclusive Juvenessence+ Complex encapsulated in state of the art DuoPearl technology. They are like mini laboratories: combining lipo + hydrophases for maximum ingredient efficacy and preservation, unlocking the ultimate anti-ageing power to reserve the domino effect of cellular ageing. 

First impression, pretty similar to most serums, light and absorbs quickly. They should feel that way. Still have that's clinic-y scent but not as strong as the other products.

Do Not Age with dr. brandt triple peptide eye cream RM339
This ultra-rich formula glides on to rejuvenate, illuminate, and reverse signs of time. It helps to restore and replenish moisture while reducing puffiness and fading dark circles. Of course, it also claims to diminishes the appearance of lines and wrinkles. 

First impression, not as thick as XYY. Definitely much more creamier so it absorbs much faster. 

This is how you should apply the Time Reversing Cream

Do Not Age with dr. brandt time reversing cream RM429 
It claims that it not only nourishes the skin but gives a sculpting and firming effect too. It's infused with energetic blend of essential oils such as the hydrating Babassu Oil to provide the ultimate sensorial experience. It helps to restore skin's architecture, addressing and reversing sagging skin and loss of volume, elasticity and wrinkles. 

This cream is pretty cool, it somewhat melts at skin temperature to deeply moisturise the skin better plus it smells the nicest among all of the products because of the essential oils, somewhat creates a therapeutic aromatherapy effect which is extremely good to calm your mind and body for bed time. It's unfortunate that I only have a deluxe sample of this, so I most probably will only try this when I'm travelling. 

Do Not Age with dr. brandt firming neck cream RM250
If you don't already know, neck and décolleté are one of those areas where we spot the first sign of ageing. In my mind, why not just use the moisturiser and apply all the way down to your neck? I meant, it serve the same purpose, to delay ageing and restore skin structure. After looking at the ingredients, it's very different from its face cream and this is because our skin thickness varies over different parts of our body thus different types of creams are being produce specifically for that one area. It's the same reason why we have eye cream because the eye areas have the thinnest skin overall.

First impression, it's definitely much thicker than the face cream and I think most people will be like this cream because it's not overly oily yet nice and creamy at the same time.

These products are available at Dr. Brandt The Gardens, KENS Bangsar Shopping Centre, KENS apothecary One Utama Shopping Centre, KENS apothecary Bangsar Village 2 and all Sephora stores.

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