Thursday, August 14, 2014

Asian Spicy Dried Prawns Meaty Pasta with Edamame [Recipe + Photos]

When I say I cook, you can trust I always take the easiest way out. I may not be the neatest in the kitchen but shortcuts is the way to go. So for me to start from scratch and winging my own recipe is quite an accomplishment and I want to brag about it here :D 

If you are planning to try this recipe, I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did because they are all my favourite ingredients, pretty much. Also, I didn't really measure how much I put in for what, as said I kinda winged it. Though, I will still give a rough estimation if you're anal about measurements. 

Seasoning Preparation

Fish sauce, Dried Prawn Chilli Paste, Hoisin Sauce
Rough ratio

You can use any other brand, these are just the ones I have in my kitchen. I almost wanted to add in oyster sauce cause I do like it too but I felt it will be a little too much. I mean I've already got almost everything here to tickle my tastebuds, sweet and salty from hoisin sauce and salty from fish sauce and sweet spicy from the dried prawn paste. 

Here's how the dried prawn chilli paste should look like. It has a good, crunchy bite to it. Btw, not everyone will like the taste and smell of this cause it has a very heavy dried prawn aroma to it. I grew up in a typical Asian food culture, so I love it.

This is also very tasty as dipping sauce.

Mixing with Meat

Minced Meat of any kind 
Rough ratio to seasoning

I started of with minced chicken meat (mainly because I had much leftover from my last satay dip chips recipe) but was craving for pork so I added minced pork. You can use any minced meat you like and add salt and pepper if you like.

I've also added a little bit of corn starch (about 1tsp) to thicken the mixture for easier handling. You can choose to add flour instead of corn starch.

Finally... Cooking
  1. Roll the meat mixture into balls then place them in the fridge for a while, so they set better. Leave out some meat mixture to cook them with pasta later on. 
  2. Take out edamame, pour a good amount into a pot and leave them outside to defrost while you boil your spaghetti in another pot.
  3. Heat wok or pan with some peanut oil (or any other oil you have)
  4. Take out your meatballs from fridge and drop them into the wok and cook in medium heat till almost brown. Balls should be turned occasionally for even cooking. 
  5. Take the meatballs out and set them aside with paper towel underneath to soak up excess oil. 
  6. With the wok still hot (with not much of oil), dump in the excess meat mixture and scramble them up like scramble eggs. You want them separated and look like minced meat. 
  7. Check you spaghetti on and off. If it's cooked, pour the boiling pasta water into the pot of edamame (you save water) till you cover all of the edamame, then drain your spaghetti. 
  8. Once your minced meat is pretty much cooked, throw in the spaghetti and mix them all up before turning the heat off. 
  9. The edamame should be soften by now, drained it and start de-shelling the beans into another bowl. (This process takes a while, it's annoyingly tedious when you are not directly popping them into your mouth) 
  10. Scoop good amount of spaghetti and minced meat into a bowl, toss in come edamame beans and top it off with a few pieces of meatballs. YUMS!

Happy Cooking!

*Everything was on my own cost*

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LauraLeia said...

w00t w00t! This looks delicious! I've never tried cooking with edamame before, because I usually prefer mushrooms, haha! The meatball recipe sounds great though, will try it out some time. :)

JQLeeJQ said...

@laura, yeah you can always just take out the edamame and put in mushroom :) I dont like mushrooms

Choi Yen said...

Wow, the meat ball really tempting, hope I can find non-spicy dried shrimp sauce so that my daughter can eat too!

JQLeeJQ said...

@choiYen, you can actually find it in local supermarket. Most tesco/giant/jusco also got sell it. :)