Thursday, July 31, 2014

Too Cool For School (TCFS) Is Now Available In The Curve!

If you've yet to know Too Cool For School (TCFS), it's a cosmetic and skincare brand from Korea. They've been around in Malaysia for about two years now and definitely growing and loved by Malaysians as their items are all packaged in an extremely cute design, pretty much most girls can't resist them. Plus, with their new concept store, you can't help it but to stop and walk in. It's so modern and inviting. 

As for the product goes, so far, I've tried their Pumpkin Sleeping Pack, Mcgirly Rice Scrub, Mcgirly Perfecter (Essence), Mcgirly Finisher (Cream) and Rules of Skincare - Replenishing Hydra Cream while I was away on my Thailand trip. 

Personally, I love, love, love Pumpkin Sleeping Pack, it was such a nifty little thing especially for those tired or lazy people. Especially when I go on a trip, I usually reach the hotel late about 11pm and then wakes up super early the next day because we want to make the most out of our trip. So it's definitely a great luxury to be able to just slap on a hydrating sleeping pack instead of needing the hassle of waiting for your mask to dry and then put on a moisturiser and then only sleep. This also works for those with busy daily routine, it's a life-saver. 

I also really like the Mcgirly Rice Scrub. Omg, literally, my skin felt super-duper smooth after using this super smooth yet surprisingly gentle scrub. The Rules of Skincare - Replenishing Hydra Cream is also a keeper, especially those with dry skin. You will love how this cream feels on your skin. 

Other than that, Mcgirl Perfecter (Essence) and Mcgirly Finisher (Cream) were nothing much to shout about. I didn't feel that it was anything great. 

"We want you to be different and stand out from the rest, not just another fish in this pool..."
I just love her presentation.

 If you wish to try their products, just hop on the high chair and play!

For more information, visit TCFS Facebook page

Eyes - Maybelline Hypercosmo Trio
Lips - Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm
Cheeks - Bourjois Little Round Pot
Jumper - Malaysia Clothes Buffet
Necklace - NanoStyle
Bag - Malacca Jonker Street Night Market


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Cindy Tong said...

i took the exact jumpsuit too...but in black colour ahhahah