Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Senjyu Bangsar New Menu (Review)

I'm not a big fan of raw Japanese food (other than edamame) but damn, one night of food review at Senjyu Bangar, I swallowed a fresh oyster sashimi! Not the best feeling in the world (for me) but it wasn't too bad either. Seriously, I'll tell you why later. 

Senjyu is truly your authentic Japanese restaurant with a contemporary twist. They pay much attention to freshness and quality, especially they renowned air-flown seafood treasures. Now, offering a new menu that features an eclectic blend of signature creations such as live oysters, sushi rolls and grilled delicacies, be ready to indulge a sheer culinary perfection the Senjyu-style. 

Dining area for Senjyu, Bangsar Village II.

Here're my thoughts (from a non-Japanese food eater) on a few of the dishes in their new menu...

Hana Moriawase (Raw) RM47.99
Exquisite assortment of luscious raw tuna, salmon, surf clam, octopus and butterfish.

Hana Moriawase (cooked)

Yes, I had them cooked. Judge me all you want but I guess that's what quite great about Senjyu, they have no problem customising their original dishes for you! Not everyone likes it the sashimi-style and some people's stomach can't take it raw. They are perfectly fine with lightly grilling a few of these fresh awesomeness so that everyone at the table get to enjoy a bite of this amazing sashimi set. Btw, the butterfish is now my new favourite fish, kicking salmon aside. Try it, you'll be surprise how sweet and yummy the fish taste! 

Oyster Sashimi RM17.99 (per piece) RM87.99 (1/2 dozen)
Succulent briny air-flown live oysters served with tangy citrus sauce and lemon wedges.

Raw oyster-virgin no more. Literally, I forced myself to taste this (yup, one only) expensive meat-in-a-shell. I took the smallest piece available and drown it in the provided sauce and squeezed dry one lemon wedge. Said my prayers and move it close to my mouth. Just before it hits my lips, the fresh oyster smell or in other words, the raw seafood smell decided to pay my nose a visit. I can't say I like the aroma of it but swiftly and daringly I slide the oyster sashimi into my mouth. I allowed it to linger on my tongue for a little while just so I can move it around my four main tastebud areas. To be honest, I can't really put my finger on the actual taste but one thing is for sure, it doesn't taste fishy or raw. It's truly a shock of freshness, somewhat close to kissing the sea with my lips. With this experience, I can understand why the niche of oysters lover exist. There's really nothing quite like it. 

Butterfly Maki RM59.90
Intricate ensemble of premium river eel slices wrapped around tempura crabstick sushi roll with sweet teriyaki sauce

The butterfly design thingy going on is just a gimmick. I guess we're living in an era where chefs and restaurants are forced to keep up with the demands of food presentation. With reality cookings shows such as Top Chefs and Hell Kitchen, it's no wonder us consumers are being very anally visual about our foods. Putting the picture aside, the food itself is tasted quite good. The eel slices was relatively thin yet still able to taste the tender white meat. Grilled to perfection. Even though the rice layer wasn't too thick, I would still consider this as an extremely filling dish. 

Yasai Maki RM17.99
Assortment of fresh vegetables and sweet beancurd wrapped in lettuce.

It's a vegetarian dish that tasted absolutely haven. Each bite is so juicy and crunchy! It's one dish that won't make you feel guilty finishing a whole plate by yourself. If you hate how green it looks, just dip it into sweet sauce and nom away. 

Kaki Roll RM22.90
Succulent oyster and assorted mushrooms wrapped in an egg omelette.

Another oyster dish but slightly cooked, so you can think of it as "Or-jian" fried egg with oyster. I'm not a big fan of this dish but mainly is because I'm not a big fan of oysters and mushrooms. 

Soft Shell Kani and Unagi Mentai Maki RM29.99
Crispy soft shell crab and premium river eel with creamy codfish roe sauce on tantalising dee-fried sushi roll. 

I love, love, love, love this! Oh sooooooo good and I seriously think it has something to do with the orange coloured creamy codfish roe sauce on top of the sushi rice, keeping the soft shell crab and unagi in place. The fried seaweed and the crab was super lightly battered, ensuring a thin coat over each of the ingredient. Again, with the heavy rice base, this is a super filling dish meant for sharing with friends and family.

Kaisen Ninniku Chahan RM15.99
Fragrant rice stir-fried with a flavourful variety of seafood. 

Traditionally, they served only pure garlic rice. Now, they've specially added bits and pieces of seafood into the rice mixture and it just works. It tasted rather delicious as compared to the plain old garlic rice.

Shiratama Zenzai RM7.99
Delectable Japanese rice cakes with black sesame filling, served in hot red bean soup.

You know how some desserts can be extremely sweet? Well, this doesn't. However, the sweetness actually comes from the black sesame balls to complement the soup. The red bean soup is smooth with little bits of red bean remnants in it, bringing texture to the entire dish.

Overall, was delicious and extremely filling. It felt like an 8-course meal wedding dinner. It's the same concept though, Japanese also believe in eating food from a light to heavy structure. Of course, when you visit the restaurant, order like a normal Malaysian. Naturally, you'll also find a hand towel (oshibori) or towelettes prepared for you before having your meal.

Senjyu Bangsar Village II
2F-27 & 28, 2nd Floor, Bangsar Village II, 
2, Jalan Telawi Satu, 
Bangsar Baru, 
59100 KL.

Other outlet: 
Senjyu e-Curve
Lot G2 & G3, Ground Floor, e-Curve, 
No 2A, Jalan PJU 7/3, 
Mutiara Damansara, 
47810 Petaling Jaya, 
Selangor Darul Ehsan. 

Operation hours: 12pm-10pm


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Carrie Anne Shuit Har Long said...

I don't take raw foods too (and all these while, I've been told what good food I've been missing, esp when my friends and family order sashimi)

JQ LEEJQ said...

@carrie, lols I feel you sista! Ppl always tell me I'm missing out too.