Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm [Review]

Raved, Loved and Craved over by many women around the world. We can't help it, they are truly just gorgeous. As you should know by now, a good matte lipstick is not easy find, let alone a good matte yet moisturising lipstick. Thus, I can't agree to this term 'Balm', it's not even close to a 'balm' unfortunately. 

When it comes to colour pigmentation, I can't argue otherwise than this is probably one of the best drugstore matte lipstick, ever! I have three of them and the colour pay off are just magnificent. Gorgeous. In fact, very, very sexy. For some reason, a matte lips gives you somewhat an additional super-strength to conquer the world. Like how heels magically makes you feel more confident and well, taller.

Dark purple (Shameless) is very vampy and definitely not an everyday look but it will give you that extra edge, you will stand out from the rest, just like how a hat do. 

Bright orange (Audacious) makes you look super perky but not in a childish way, the matte finishing give a very mature yet friendly gesture. It's still a bold look but not the type that will scare people away, a very inviting and social colour I would say. 

Nude red (Sultry) is extremely suitable for those women in power because it appears to feel very 'Corporate CEO' kind of look. A very mature, wise, and no nonsense type of lipstick. 

As much as I love the colour pigmentation and the amazing mint scent and cooling sensation upon application, I dislike how drying it can be. It can be a lot of work if you want to put this on, you have to make sure that you scrub and moistures your lips properly or else it will get ugly, the dead skin cells of your lips will appear when you rub your lips together after the lipstick dries. Trust me, is not a pretty sight. A balm suppose to be moisturising, unfortunately this doesn't meet that standard. 

Despite all the dryness, I'll still love them just because the colours and finishing are beautiful. I'll take the effort to prep my lips for these lipstick. 

*Product was given but opinion is all my own*

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LauraLeia said...

Haha, I just posted a review about this like 20mins ago! XD
I love how pigmented they are, but i really dislike the minty smell. I find they are not as drying as most matte lip products, but of course, starting off with (fairly) smooth lips is the best.

JQLeeJQ said...

@laura haha I thought I was the only one over due.

FurFer said...

Luckily I didn't buy it. I was testing the colors and texture in the Guardian for about 15 minutes... Like the colors but they became so dry on the balm. They are cheap but don't think it suitable for my chapped lips :3